Second 360 Title for Real Time World Announced

Real Time World has revealed that it will develop Crackdown for Xbox 360, in addition to All Points Bulletin, which is in development for PC and Xbox 360.  Real Time World is led by David Jones, who is also the developer of the game Grand Theft Auto, and thus would explain why Crackdown has a GTA style game play in which you are able to steal cars and commit random acts of violence.

The game features an expansive futuristic world in which you are an agent on a mission to eradicate the ‘bad guys’ who have overrun your city.  Three gangs have emerged and formed their own criminal organizations: Cai-Shen Corp, an Asian gang who employ hit men to do their bidding, The Volk, a Russian gang that uses guns to sway the opinions of others, and La Muerta, a Spanish gang that’s in to fast cars.

Like GTA, Crackdown will feature a game world that is incredibly open to exploration and realistic.  The massive city of this game has full night and day cycles and can be explored freely at your own will.  Players will be able to make their way to the top floors of large buildings and interact with many NPC’s both friendly and hostile.  The vehicles selection of this game is in no way limited allowing players to choose from tractors to automobiles.  Being an Agent of the city you are given your own car at the start of the game.  

Characters can be fully customized from sex and shape and grow based on the player’s actions in the game.  One can become incredibly strong by hitting enemies and eventually be able to pick up large and heavy objects such as cars.  In addition to killing your enemies you can cut off their supplies of firearms and cars thus reducing their influence and increasing yours.

Crackdown will also feature 2 modes of online play.  The first play mode will be co-operative play in which you and a friend will play through the game via Xbox Live.  The second being multiplayer, which is being kept a secret for the most part.

For a more in depth look at the game check out our Crackdown preview here at 360Monster.


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