Just the mention of the word ‘sale’ should have your attention, but when I tell you that you can pick up some amazing games and great rates you should be glued to the screen. But what can you get? Well let’s find out.

Content Original Price Sale Price Savings
Forza Horizon December IGN Pack 400 200 50%
Trials Evolution 1200 800 33%
Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain 400 200 50%
Magic 2013 800 400 50%
Castle Crashers 1200 800 33%
Trials HD 800 400 50%
A World of Keflings 800 400 50%
Full House Poker 800 400 50%
Hydro Thunder 1200 600 50%
Hydrophobia 400 200 50%
Ilomilo 800 400 50%
Dust: an elysian Tail 1200 600 50%
Deadlight 1200 600 50%
Mark of the Ninja 1200 600 50%
Nike+ KT upper body and core workout 400 200 50%
Nike+ KT GonD 39.99 29.99 25%
Magic 2013 expansion pack 400 200 50%

If you don’t have either of the Trials games, get them. If you don’t have Castle Crashers, get it. In fact if you don’t have A World of Keflings get that too.

Let us know if you decide to pick up any of these deals, which are available until 8 April 2013.

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