Rock Band 2 to be released in September

Despite the first Rock Band having only been released in Europe, little over a month ago, Harmonix have today unveiled the sequel Rock Band 2 which will launch as an Xbox 360 exclusive in September.

Those who have downloaded songs for the original will have to fear nothing as one of the main plans is to incorporate download content from the original into Rock Band 2. Those waiting for the PS3 version which take note, still isn’t avaliable; will be able to play Rock Band 2 songs in the original as well. That is when the PS3 version of Rock Band 2 arrives along with a Wii version ‘at a later date’.

“Some cool new features” are promised to allow you to play the download content in ‘different ways’ although this hasn’t been unveiled as of yet.

All the existing peripherals will work with the sequel thankfully which will save any more ‘price bashing’ comments for the time being. If you really want however, you could purchase some new “more realistic and reliable” instruments.

Online functionality has been expanded with better party options taking the hassle out of playing with friends. The original game had a tracklist of nearly 70 songs and the second will feature an array of new tunes, though at this stage there is no indication what will be in the track-listing. User-created content was suggested similar to Guitar Hero: World Tour but apparently will take time to implement.

“Rock Band 2 takes all the lessons we’ve learned from making a multi-instrument music game, addresses them, then adds some amazing new ways for you to experience your music library that have never been seen in a music game before,” said Dan Teasdale, lead designer.

“We’ve been scouring forums and parties everywhere for what people liked and didn’t like, and I’m pretty confident we’ve addressed everything I’ve heard people ask for.”

What are your thoughts on releasing a sequel so soon? Post them below.


Rob Rymond

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