Revisiting Dead Rising 3 in 2018

Published On June 6, 2018 | By Justin Ortiz-Burrow | News

With most gamers now having access to the critically panned Dead Rising 4, and rumors of a new entry in the series to appear at E3, what better time to take a look back and the first title in the series that divided fans; Dead Rising 3.

YouTube creator and passionate Dead Rising fan Ghenry recently released an in-depth retrospective look at DR3 after experiencing the widely disliked fourth game. Were the flaws in Dead Rising 3 really as glaring as we remember? Was it actually much better than originally thought or was it much worse? Join him as he takes us on a detailed look at third entry in a game series he holds so dear.

If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out his other entries regarding the Dead Rising series and keep an eye out for future releases to pop up on Console Monster. We’re always fans of a critical and deep analyzation of our favorite games.

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