Review : Colin McRae: DiRT

Reece straps on his seatbelt and rides through DiRT

Losing the rally title for this game and adding a bunch of new features, is this latest title worthy of pole position?

“One of the most impressive aspects of DiRT is the damage modelling on the cars which reacts to the smallest detail in car destruction. If you drive into a post, the front of the car will bend around the post, whilst sliding the side into a wall could result in a door-less car or perhaps shattered glass flying behind in a trail. Not only can you convert a coupe into a hatchback in 5 seconds flat, but you can also obliterate your surroundings, be it fences, poles or even small trees for example. Of course this would all be a little pointless if there was no effect on the car, thankfully there are many different situations that can arise from reckless driving, ranging over nine of the essential car components. Hit a tree side-on with good force? Oh dear, you will nowhave to do the remainder of the track with the car constantly steering to the left. ”

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