Respawn’s Rusty Pipes Leak Titanfall’s 15-Map List

Keeping everything shrouded in mystery until release is always a challenge for devs and publishers, but for a title whose landing is as hotly anticipated as Titanfall’s, secrecy is often an impossible paradigm, no matter how many non-disclosure agreements are flying around – the relative anonymity of the internet sees to that. Sometimes it’s a shame and can put a dent in the initial wonder on having your first fiddle with a game you’ve been busting to have a crack on, but for the less sentimental metalheads out there, here are details of Titanfall’s maps, graciously leaked via this reddit user.

Here we’ve been allowed an early glimpse at the maps, bird’s-eye fashion, so we have the topography and handy tips as to the key locations and chokepoints are included. We’ve already seenAngelCityandFracture, but find the full alphebetised list of a fairly girthy fifteen maps below.

  • Airbase:There must always be an airbase level, not sure where this rule became part of the FPS-institution, but it’s adhered to here, with a range of towers suggesting plenty of map verticality to give those personal jetpacks a little practice.
  • Angel City:The dense, urban crush we were allowed to get gridlocked in during the Beta, plenty of hideaways, but this map makes it difficult for free-flowing Titan movement to prevail.
  • Boneyard:A desolate dustbowl-type map, daubed in a Martian-looking sand, peppered with crag and crevice and overarched by a bizarre and enormous skeletal structure named in the notes as ‘the spine’. What’s been here before?
  • Colony:Has the looks of an outpost time, a little more ramshackle than what we’ve seen before, dispensing with the neat and tidy in favour of a more reclaimed look. The planetary setting also seems more akin to Earth’s Western Europe, with a rather brown and wet-looking environment.
  • Corporate:Clean, crisp and outrageously mass produced, the concrete, glass and steel concocted here in swathes of grey-blue is the familiar face of a faceless corporation, offering networks of separate but connected enclosed spaces in which to join the firefight. Titans may find themselves in a melee in theroundabout area.
  • Demeter:A large IMC refinery and refuelling station, the red dust is back and battle is set to commence and probe right into the core of the refinery, with pipeline walkways offering cross-map links and vantage points and peripheral outside space for the Titans to give it theirs.
  • Fracture:Another we’ve encountered in the Beta, one time luxury housing for the colonial elite, now reduced to a shuddering mess after excessive resource extraction. Some brilliant wallrunning moments and a well split map on two distinct levels.
  • Lagoon:Titanfall gone tropical, some lush looking environments for us to lay waste to, almost channelling the earlier Far Cry titles, though from the looks of things there’s limited foliage, which is a shame as a substantial and dense jungle area would have been sure to invite some interesting balance effects.
  • Nexus: Another city map, though a little warmer looking, and very distinct fromAngel City, what’s potentially exciting is the mention of a ‘zip-line tower’, so rapid cross-map travel could be on the cards for Pilots.
  • Outpost 207:We’ve gone sparse and industrial again with this chilly-looking Ode to Concrete. A gorge has been included to assert some division in the map and features such as the huge turret appear as if they’ll complement the endless torrents of explosions wonderfully.
  • Overlook:Cliff-bound military facility in what seems to be a tropical climate, catwalks, garages, the usual.
  • Relic:A dig site and all the human structures that involves. Humorously noted alongside the ‘foreman’s office’ on the map is the ‘lavatory’. Suppose even Titans need somewhere private to change their oil.
  • Rise:Now, a peculiar map. Much narrower than other maps,Rise could play out like a tunnel map, facing the two sides off in inevitable clashes towards its center. Only utilising vantage points and the map’s vertical options will prevent this one from becoming a mess.
  • Smuggler:Oo-arrr, a pirate shanty town sequestered away in a picturesque cove. This one’s been lifted straight from Treasure Island with a few years of human ‘progress’ added on, though perhaps it’s an intriguing commentary on how far we have or haven’t come since the days of cannonballs and privateers. A marked quantity of the map appears to be in the shallows so we’ll have to wait and see how the aqueous areas are utilised.
  • Training Ground:This one could be an homage, a square box divided into two clear sides. Surely channelling 2fort, the relative simplicity of this map looks set to offer respite from thought and indulgence into unrestrained metal on metal violence.

In these times of almost immediate charged content updates, fifteen maps seems fairly generous, or at least towards the top end of the usual, and if the excitement amongst the gaming community is anything to go by, these maps are going to see their fair share of carnage in coming weeks. See below for top-down images of all the maps.

Titanfall Airbase Map


Titanfall Angel City Map

Angel City

Titanfall Boneyard Map


Titanfall Colony Map


Titanfall Corporate Map


Titanfall Demeter Map


Titanfall Fracture Map


Titanfall Lagoon Map


Titanfall Nexus Map


Titanfall Outpost 207 Map

Outpost 207

Titanfall Overlook Map


Titanfall Relic Map


Titanfall Rise Map


Titanfall Smuggler Map


Titanfall Training Ground Map

Training Ground

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