Red Faction update live this Wednesday

For all of you hammer loving Red Faction fans out there you will be glad to here that there is going to be an update available for download this Wednesday 7th October 09 on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The update improves the multiplayer aspect of the game and changes minor things here and there. For the full update, look below!

1. Disabling the following playlists:

  • Bagman
  • Large Team Mixer
  • Big Boomers
  • MLG Playlist

2. Adding Bagman and Capture The Flag modes to the Partial Recall playlist (Only viewable to those with the Multiplayer DLC Pack).

3. Adding DLC levels to Anarchy, Team Anarchy, and Team Objective playlists.

4. Team Bagman will now have non-DLC maps available in Matchmaking, but the DLC maps will maintain a higher priority.

5. Balance adjustments:

  • Rail Driver will now have 12 max ammo instead of 24.
  • Sniper Rifle will now have 8 max ammo instead of 12.
  • Proximity Mines will now have 2 max ammo instead of 4.
  • Heal Backpack will take longer to recharge.
  • Vision Backpack will take longer to recharge and use fuel faster.
  • Stealth Backpack will now use fuel faster.
  • Firepower Backpack will now take longer to recharge.

I only recently managed to get a copy of the game so don’t know whether the above will improve the online aspect of the game or not. If you have the game let me know what you make of the update by leaving a comment below!


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