PSN Content 12/07 (US & Europe) [Updated]

Sony seem to be putting things right this year, not only by giving a game rich E3 conference but also by giving us mere mortals consumers much love in the Sony PSN Store department. After Sony’s E3 conference yesterday, the PSN Store was literally flooded with content. Sadly this only appeared in the US Store but do not fret Euro folk, more about that in a bit, first lets list out the current US store content…

• Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer
• Killzone 2 Trailer
• PS3 E3 ’07 “Sizzle” video
• Lair Trailer
• Call of Duty 4: Modern Warrior Trailer
• Unreal Tournament 3 Trailer
• High Velocity Bowling Trailer
• Warhawk Trailer
• LittleBigPlanet “Create” Trailer
• Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Trailer
• PAIN Trailer
• Folklore Trailer
• BlackSite: Area 51 Trailer
• Go! Sports Ski Trailer
• Blast Factor Advanced Research Trailer
• Everyday Shooter Trailer
• Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Trailer
• E3 ’07 Closing Video

There are also a number of “hidden” interviews dotted around the US PSN Store. Whether this is an error or Sony’s way of making us frustrated in searching around for this content, via its cumbersome store interface, remains to be known. Below is a list of these interview videos and where they are located…

LittleBigPlanet interview: Games > Downloadable Games > Super Rub a Dub
Ratchet and Clank interview: Featured Items > Ridge Racer 7 > Ufra Special Events > Page 3
NBA 08 interview: Featured Items > Go! Puzzle Game Packs
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune interview: View All > M-Q > Nancy Drew
Singstar interview: Videos > Blu Ray discs > Bruce Springsteen Live in Dublin
Heavenly Sword interview: Games > Classics > Page 2
FolkLore interview: View All > H-L > Lucky You

As always, Europe has been left out of this content bonanza seen by our US cousins. The word on the virtual street is that the European store will be updated at 5pm GMT (in a few minutes) with some content as seen over on the US store with an additional trailer from WipEout HD, ah bless em. Below is a run down of what’s to come on the European PSN Store in a few minutes.

• Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer
• Feel Ski trailer
• Folklore trailer
• High Velocity Bowling trailer
• Killzone 2 trailer
• Little Big Planet trailer
• Pain trailer
• WipEout HD trailer
• Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune trailer

[Update – Additional Content Below]

• The Simpsons Movie trailer
• The Simpsons Movie trailer
• Transformers trailer
• 8 minutes of Die Hard 4
• Die Hard 4 trailer
• PSN Event Trailer
• Nucleus starter pack
• Nucleus full game – £4.99

Both stores are missing the GT5 trailer which we are promised next week along with a Ratchet and Clank trailer. We will have to see if we too have to hunt around for these “hidden” interviews. Best fire up the PS3 then…


Anthony Barker

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