PS3 to blame on Turok delay

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Propaganda Games, the developer of dinosaur romp Turok have pointed the finger at the PlayStation 3 as the reason as to why the game was delayed. According to the developer the game was supposed to hit stores back in November of last year, but took longer than expected to fine tune the PlayStation 3 version up to standard.

It is worth noting that the game was developed with the Xbox 360 as the lead platform, and the delay occurred in reaching a satisfactory port over to Sony’s gaming machine.

But either way the game is out now, so will you be picking it up, and if so for what platform?

Chris Brandrick

Chris Brandrick

Chris is a 20 year old gamer who started out as an avid Nintendo player back in the early 90's but can now be found most nights on Xbox Live earning those Achievements! Chris is currently at University and runs his own personal site in his spare time. Look out for his Wii and 360 related news here on Console Monster.

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