PS3 thriller Heavy Rain cost $16.7 million to develop

Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream’s PS3 thriller Heavy Rain cost just €16.7 million to develop, despite the game’s lofty ambition and cinematic visuals, the game’s executive producer has revealed.

Speaking at a Digital Dragons session, Quantic Dream’s Guillaume de Fondaumiere enthused about the high profitability of the PS3 exclusive. Even with marketing and distributing costs, which brought the game’s total cost to a modest€40million, “Sony earned more than €100 million with this game” he revealed, “It’s very profitable.”

Guillaume also expressed concern with the sequel-heavy state of the industry, attributing Heavy Rain’s success to its original concept and an audience that wants more from their games.

“We need, as an industry, to be more creative, and stop creating, every year, the same games over again,” he implored. “Maybe create new IPs. We need publishers of course to take the risk to create new IPs. But we also need the audience to [vote with their wallets].”

Guillaume also hinted at the future of Quantic Dream, and how “creating new experiences,” with games like Beyond: Two Souls “is also a way to expand the market.”

Beyond: Two Souls will be released for PS3 in October.

[source: Eurogamer]

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