Platinum working on a fifth game with Sega

Alan Pritchard, VP of sales and marketing at Sega, has revealed the company will be extending its critically-fruitful partnership with Platinum Games to release a fifth, as-yet-unannouncedtitle.

Sega signed a four-game deal with Platinum back in 2008, which resulted in the releases of Mad World, Infinite Space, Bayonetta and most recently, Vanquish.

Fortunately, talks between the two companies appear to have been productive.

“We have a further title to announce from Platinum Games…” Pritchard told the latest issue of Game Informer (via SegaBits).

Sega has yet to reveal the specifics of the new game, but with famed creator Hideki Kamiya promising gamers that Bayonetta will “be back if you believe so”, the safe bet would be Bayonetta 2.

What kind of title would you like to see from Platinum Games? Feel free to let us know in the comments thread below…

Ricky Staines

Ricky is a passionate gamer, wordsmith and coffee addict from South East London. Born and raised on Nintendo, Ricky is impervious to the nauseating effects of cute and colourful characters. In his spare time, Ricky enjoys watching movies, playing on his guitar (both real and plastic) and reading. He also does a pretty awesome impression of Max Payne, but only when nobody is looking.

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