Phoenix From The Ashes – Bonfire Studios

After the developer of many an RTS, including the recent Halo Wars, Ensemble Studios finally met its end, a large portion of the former giant’s employees have risen up from the commercial deathbed and created a new development house – Bonfire Studios.

Bonfire Studios – carrying on the torch.

With the company in very early stages, we can expect to wait a while before anything emerges from their great, flaming gates, but Bonfire have conirmed that they are already working on a game with the “most of the core team from Ensemble Studios’ that created Halo Wars is working on [it]”. Giving very little away about the anture of the game, could it be possible that Bonfire are deciding to take a new direction, away from the RTS genre. With their past firmly rooted in someof the RTS greats of recent gaming history, this would be a bold move, but all we have to go on is that the game”already has a great in-depth story, combat and game play!”. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

Sam Finch

Sam has been unable to peel his bloodshot eyes and RSI-ridden wrists from the world of gaming since he was first introduced to it, like all good junkies, by his Grandad. From those early days of MegaDrive sweetness, bashing through the throngs of enemies on Shining Force II, his love of all things games has extended upwards and outwards onto a variety of platforms. You can either believe that spiel, or get the real scoop and know that his spaceship actually crashed here some years ago and he is currently incognito as a games writer for Console Monster.

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