Phantasy Star Universe

SEGA announces Phantasy Star Universe coming to Xbox 360 console.

*sound of Barrie fainting*

When I saw these words on a recent press release, my jaw hit the ground. I have been a long time player and fan of Phantasy Star Online when it was around on the aging but still great DreamCast console. Even though it came to the Xbox it was missing out on things that made the first so great. With recent news that Sega would bring Phantasy Star Universe, their sequel to PSO, only to the PC and the PS2, the audible sigh could be heard from PSO and XBox fans around the globe.

Never fear my PSO friends! So much does Sega love you they have said that PSU (No, not Power Supply Unit, Phantasy Star Universe) will be coming to the 360! Praise be! Here is a little snippet from the Official Press Release:

“The re invigoration of this beloved franchise on the Xbox 360 signifies another step for SEGA towards next-gen leadership,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Entertainment Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. “Phantasy Star has a rich history, and now with Phantasy Star Universe in support of the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, gamers can enjoy a fantasy role-playing experience of unprecedented depth both online with their friends, and offline in the robust single-player game.”

Sounds great eh! Well, here are some of the key features to be found in PSU. Have a look through and chat about it in the forums.

Key Product Features:

– Epic Story: Phantasy Star Universe offers a suspenseful single player adventure that fans have been clamoring for.
– Phantasy Star Brand Heritage: Since 1988, the franchise has evolved, and produced seven series to date — building itself as one of the most well established RPG franchises.
– Real-time battles where players choose their own strategies: Choose from over 200 weapon variations in over 20 weapon categories for melee, technique, or ranged-type combat. Players can also select numerous Photon Arts to defeat enemies.
– World Class Score: Soundtrack produced by premier orchestras and vocals from Poland, Hollywood, and New York.
– Online Gameplay: Offering the Best of Both Worlds
– Multiplayer: Create a squad of up to six players to explore the universe and conquer quests. (Increase from PSO’s 4 players)
– Endless gameplay: In addition to over 40 hours of offline gameplay, gamers can spend endless hours online customizing characters, searching for rare items, leveling up, and joining friends for exhilarating new quests. (Sonic Mags!)
– Variety in transportation: Player-controlled vehicles offer a new type of gameplay for the Phantasy Star franchise.
– Character Customization: Go beyond standard customization for your character with precise measurements, an endless color palette, and outlandish outfits.
– Massive enemies: Over 20 unique enemy species, totaling over 200 enemy variations.

The game is slated for a Fall/Autumn 2006 Launch. So, get your Mags ready, your Plasma Swords charged because PSU is coming to 360. Woooo!

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers


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