Who is the greatest football player in the world right now? Messi? Rooney? or Pro Evolution Soccers new front man Cristiano Ronaldo? That’s right, Konami have chosen Ronaldo to front this years version of the game and will use his image in a move to win back its loyal fans from EA’s FIFA.

Ronaldo (more like his PR team) has also responded to the move saying“PES 2012 to me is the perfect recreation of football, and truly highlights the way teams work together to create attacks, make space and break down defences.

“I think anyone that plays it will get a better understanding of the mechanics of football and how players work together. It is never about one player, it is about the team – and PES 2012 demonstrates that better than any other game.

Bold statement by the former Manchester Utd star.Konami’s European PES team leader Jon Murphy had this to say regarding the move: “With so much emphasis on the movement of players and their individual abilities in PES 2012, we wanted the cover to feature a star known for their ability to change a game with one skillful move and to show that person doing what they do best.”

“As such, the image features Cristiano shaping to hit the ball: whether to ping a long pass across field, picking out dangerous runs, or creating something out of seemingly nothing. He is the perfect embodiment of everything we have set out to do with the game this year.”

I’ll no doubt try PES again this year and hope it can woo me back from my now found love for the FIFA series. What about you? PES or FIFA this year?

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