PDZ updates officially announced

Microsoft Game Studios and Rare have announced that content for PDZ will be coming our way.

For anyone who hasn’t got the game I could go on and on about how this is an excellent multiplayer game for the Xbox 360… but you might not take my advice and not buy the game. That’s fine you don’t have to take my word for it. You might as well download the demo that will hit the market place soon though.

“The “Perfect Dark Zero” demo will soon be available for free via Xbox Live Marketplace and grants gamers access to an exclusive preview of one of the best-selling Xbox 360 launch titles. Leap into the world of Joanna Dark by playing through the Outpost in solo mode, with a friend via split screen co-op, or cooperatively over Xbox Live. Next, challenge friends, strangers and AI bot enemies alike on the brand new multiplayer map: Plaza.”

So not only do you get to try the game on solo and co-op but you also get a new multiplayer map to try out.

But what about the people that own the game? Well we are getting a patch for the game. The patch not only fixes bugs with the game (goodbye to climbing the top of the map) but it’s going to add new features to the bots.

“Included in the free auto-updates are eight new bot personalities, making these artificially intelligent enemies even more treacherous. Some of the new bots even get personal: judge bots instinctively attack the player with the most kills, while bully bots attack the player with the least. Venge bots are constantly out for blood, targeting the last person that killed them. The infamous DarkOps Bots are being added, as well, and will be available in all multiplayer scenarios.”

Better AI means that if you don’t have any friends that you can now play on your own and have even more fun. Not me though. I have so many friends I have to turn some people down…

If that still isn’t enough for you then you can always wait patently for the 4 new premium content multiplayer maps that will be appearing in the market place “soon”. No set date or price yet but why don’t you pop in the game and get some practice?

Originally Written By: Toby Bodman

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