Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has released a brand-new patch for their amazing title – WarHawk. Which you will be able to download from today.

The Patch fixes the following;

Server-side updates

  • Stat database stability improvements
  • Improved server stability
  • Max Clan limit changed from 32 to 64
  • Viral Rank-up bug fixed and correct for players that were accidentally ranked up.
  • “Time-in-Vehicle” Stats fixed so certain awards can now be granted properly.

Client-side updates for Patch v1.1

  • Stat connection, fetch/post fixes
  • Significantly improved client connection stability
  • Quad Ping display bug fixed.
  • Added support for Player-Ranked Servers.
  • Game synchronization fixes due to fluctuating network conditions (packet-drop).
  • Crash fixes for end of game and split screen.

If you’ve yet to purchase WarHawk read our full review;

“Those of you who’ve been around the block a few times will need to cast their minds back to November 1995, when we saw Warhawk hit the Playstation one. Twelve years on and we’ve now got a remake of that Sony classic, but this time on the Playstation 3. There aren’t very many games that focus solely on the multiplayer aspect of gaming, and with the majority of gamers now enjoying online gaming, it’s no surprise that Warhawk has an eager following.

The game sets two armies against each other, the Eucadian and the Chernovan forces. Whichever one takes your fancy, you’ll be blessed with a plethora of wonderful weapons of war, ranging from rockets and flamethrowers to tanks and jeeps. Of course, the main weapon of the game is the Warhawk, a powerful plane stacked to the brim with weapons and functions.”

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Let us know if you’ve downloaded the patch by leaving your comments below

Luke De'ath

Bristol based Luke is a keen gamer who enjoys a good FPS or Stealth title. His Favourite game is Metal Gear Solid. Luke also loves FIFA and is a season ticket holder for Bristol Rovers FC

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