Outpost Kaloki X added to Xbox360 Live Arcade

Outpost Kaloki X added to Xbox360 Live Arcade

Published On October 21, 2005 | By Anthony Barker | News

Outpost Kaloki X, a humorous space station strategy game becomes a new addition to the list of Live Arcade titles announced for the Xbox 360.


This unique tycoon title, designed specifically for the Xbox 360, puts you through the task of running Space Station Outpost Kaloki X. Your jobs range from playing boss, business man, host, scientist, and defense operator down to an intergalactic janitor as you progress your way towards financial success, fame, love, and glory.

The game utilizes a simple user interface while maintaining the game play of a serious strategy game. The game spans two story modes containing over 25 humorous and challenging scenarios for all the family to enjoy. Each light-hearted scenario is developed simple enough for children to play but yet tough enough for any adult to tackle.


To keep you coming back for more, Outpost Kaloki X will utilize the Xbox 360 marketplace feature, were you will be able to purchase additional downloadable content such as new scenarios and storylines.


Outpost Kaloki X is expected to be released on or near to launch of the Xbox 360, with a FREE trail version available to download straight to your Xbox 360 on its release.

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