Official Home of Alan Wake

Official Home of Alan Wake

Alan Wake gets an interactive home on the web.  Cosy! is currently available to all those who point their browsers that way. The site gives members the chance to see some screenshots of Remedy Games (Max Payne) latest atmospheric fantasy game, Alan Wake.

Alan Wake is a best selling writer, who after losing his wife, moves to a small village by the sea. Having trouble with nightmares, Mr A.Wake (get it?) tries to get on with his work to right a new story, but his nightmares start to come true, and they follow him wherever he goes, only light is his friend.

Winner of ‘E3’s Best Looking Game’ awarded by Gamespot, the boys in Finland at Remedy headquarters are busying away creating what looks to be an easy Silent Hill beater, we at 360Monster cannot wait.

If you would like to learn more about the game, then you can visit the official Alan Wake forums at, where the guys from Remedy make appearances to help with general questions or just a general chat.

So get yourself over there if you wanna know more!