Nintendo’s worst E3 conference?

Only moments ago, the curtain closed on the Nintendo Press Conference at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles and already many are dubbing this the ‘second worst conference ever’.

It was a conference which lasted little over an hour; a conference that did little to entertain the audiences. No one can turn around and say that the audience weren’t as excited as in previous years gone by. The whoops and cheering replaced by dull clapping did nothing to turn attention to the thousands of viewers watching video feeds online and many more following websites on the internet.

One of the key areas Nintendo lacked in was the DS. Statistics and lots of them dominated the conference, Reggie and Iwata present to boast about sales of the Wii and DS respectively and sales of games and the amount of them being released.

As we’re a console site, we’ll focus on what went wrong for the Wii. A dull intro with Shaun White was possibly one of the worst mix-matched events and set the ball rolling for what would be a dull conference throughout. Looking slightly confused, Shaun pushed his body around on the Wii balance-board trying to showcase the game, but failing to ignite ice, while his co-pilot, some bird from Nintendo harped on about breaking her wrist doing the real thing. This was an awkward moment for a Nintendo conference.

And then we were greeted with the news that Animal Crossing: City Folk would be released, and surprisingly Nintendo will be allowing you to interact via the Wii Speech add-on (finally getting away from the paedo culture that has stopped them doing this previously). A 24/7 living and breathing town maybe, but we’ve seen this before and with graphics that look like they’ve been ported from the Gamecube this didn’t seem to greet much attention from an already tired looking audience.

To make matters worse, Reggie boldy claimed the Wii would have more 3rd party titles than any other console this year; but at the same time failed to mention most would be bargain bin trash. The video of three third-party titles, two from Ubisoft, summed this up with Rayman, Call of Duty and a Star Wars game being the highlights of this 3rd party showcase. Or not so…

Moving on, we had the Wii Motion. Greeting Wii Sports Resort (a cheesy looking compilation of ‘sports’ games), it will use precise hand movements. It looked particulary dull as the three musketeers pranced about on stage demonstrating sword fighting and frisbee throwing.

And the final, yes the BIG moment. Some long haired Asian guy was presented on stage banging some ‘fake drums’ with a Wii remote and Nunchuck. Yet another Rock Band rip-off in the form of Wii Music. Alright, it won’t have instruments, but it will be virtual using the controllers and it was the turn of Miyamoto to try and fix this stagnant conference with some Japanese translated kindly on stage, while the final and probably cheesiest moment ever – a remix of the Super Mario Brothers music played on stage by six people. Interesting to watch, but how exactly this will get living rooms playing videogame music remains to be seen.

Reggie said goodbye in a rather dull manner and that was the close of the Nintendo Press conference 2008. And that was possibly Nintendo’s worst day at the office this year…

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Rob Rymond

Currently residing between Solihull and Stoke, Rob is training to be a professional journalist at Staffordshire University. He has a wealth of experience under his belt and has been writing for 7 years despite only being 19. He thrives on news and reporting it but also dabbles with reviews as well from time to time. Outside of video games he is also a radio broadcaster (or DJ to me and you) and spends time with his girlfriend.

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