New Tournament Modes Coming to PGR 4

Microsoft has announced four new, upcoming Tournament modes for Project Gotham Racing 4. These inventive new modes will be available to download starting on Nov. 15 for free on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Project Gotham Racing 4 players will have the opportunity to practice drifting and sliding their way to glory by participating in four new types of races: Daily Tournaments, Super Saturday, Simulation Sundays, and the Global Cup. Each race is unique, so read on to learn about each one, what you’ll have to do to be invited to the party and what you’ll face when you get there.

How to Qualify:
• The Tournament Leaderboards include a timer counting down how much time is left to qualify.
• To qualify for a Tournament, race as fast as you can on a Solo Hot Lap to set the best lap time.
• Once you finish racing, you can check the Tournament Leaderboards to see if you’ve qualified.
• Those who qualified will have a spot reserved for them.
• No shows for the Tournament Elimination rounds will be disqualified.

Racing in Daily Tournaments
• Available Monday through Friday
• Each Daily Tournament begins and ends in a single day.
• A total of 640 players (five groups of 128) can qualify for each Daily Tournament.
• Only the Top Two finishers advance in each elimination round.

Racing in Super Saturdays
• Available on Saturdays only
• Each Super Saturday Tournament begins and ends on a single Saturday.
• A total of 2,560 players (five groups of 512) can qualify for each Super Saturday Tournament.
• Only the Top Two finishers advance in each elimination round.

Racing in Simulation Sundays
• Available on Sundays only
• Each Simulation Sunday Tournament begins and ends on a single Sunday.
• Players are required to use In-Car-View/Manual Gear only.
• A total of 64 players can qualify for each Simulation Sunday Tournament.
• Only the Top Four finishers advance in each elimination round.

Racing in the Global Cup
• Available twice a month
• Each Global Cup Tournament takes two weeks to complete.
• A total of 512 players can qualify for each Global Cup Tournament:
The Top 20 finishers for each Nation
The Top 32 finishers from the “Rest of World”
• Elimination rounds take place on the second Saturday of the tournament

Winners of the Global Cup will have their gamertags proudly displayed on the PGRNations home page. Winners in the other Tournaments will have their victories appear in the leaderboards.

So not long to wait until you’ll be able to show off your racing skills to the masses. Let us know if you will be partaking in these tournaments by leaving a comment below.


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