In Bungie’s weekly newsletter they have revealed more information about their up and coming map pack for Halo 3. There will be three new maps included and we take a look at what was revealed.

Map 1: Cottonball

Codenamed “Cottonball” this map is Huge. It was suggested that a game of Big Team Snipers would be possible, and that anything else would be comical without the use of vehicles. Designed with CTF and Assault in mind this map is a large scale objective map. The map is almost, but not-quite-perfectly symmetrical. Each side of the almost symmetrical map includes wonderful shortcuts that might not help the flag carrier get away, but it will help the pursuers cut the flag man off.

Map 2: Purple Reign

Named “Purple Rain” this map is perfectly symmetrical, slightly too big to be small and slightly to small to be medium. It has some excellent line of sight and well thought-out verticality problems and opportunities. Over the long open sections bungie have included bridges. There is also a central hub in which many battles will be fought. There’s also something interesting bout this map, one way glass. Iridescent material can disguise your location while you spy on approaching bad guys. Mainly built for slayer gametypes, objective games work beautifully aswell.

Map 3: OK Corral

Nicknamed “OK Corral” this medium to large map is based for slayer gametypes. Just big enought to accomadate vehicles, but in a mongoose its a certin deathtrap. Vehicles are oly to be used in emergencies. This map scales pretty well though – in a one-on-one match, there are obvious places to fight close to the center of the map – but the more players there are, the more they tend to sprawl into the outer reaches of the maps, complete with collapsed buildings, wreckage-strewn structures and lots of rebar. There is plenty of sniping spots to use and numerous routes to master.

So that’s a brief summary of what to expect in the new map pack due to be released on Halo 3 soon. So what are your thoughts? Let us know by leaving your comments below!

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