The library of games available to download through Microsoft’s ‘Games on Demand’ section of the marketplace is increasing rapidly with another two games joining the collection. Those two games are Fallout 3 and Street Fighter IV both available at £19.99. I personally have a little gripe with the service as even the very old games cost £19.99, which is far to high especially when you can pick up the proper game with disk and manual for around £14.99. Anyway, here’s snippets of our reviews for both games.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is a fantastic game. It has its flaws, as does any game, but it is so immersive and can give you a heck of a lot of entertainment for your money that it’s worth the pricetag. If you liked Oblivion, you will no doubt fall in love with this game as I did. Maybe not Game Of The Year, but it is a worthy contender for that top spot.

Full review here!

Street Fighter IV

In conclusion Street Fighter IV has been certainly worth the wait. It ticks mostly all the boxes for a fighter, whether you are coming into this franchise with fresh fists or an old veteran from the previous series. Its gameplay is straight out of the great days of old, add the inclusion of challenges and online multiplayer into the mix and you have yourself a thoroughly enjoyable title with a sustained life cycle that will permanently fuse game’s disc into your consoles discdrive.

Full review here!

Are you planning on purchasing any of these games? And more importantly, what do you think of the games on demand service as a whole? To sum up for me it’s great idea, poor pricing structure.

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