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New Bioshock 2 details unearthed in latest OXM UK

The latest issue of the Official UK Xbox 360 Magazine contains an exclusive first-look at Bioshock 2 and so do brand spanking new details for fans to drool over.

Warning: If you don’t want to spoil the experience, it may be best if you stop reading. There are some storyline elements below.

The lucky boys over at OXM UK got their hands on a demo, in which they describe the opening moments of Bioshock 2, when players “gradually awake to the radio nagging of one of Rapture’s few survivors – Dr. Tenenbaum. Older more tired and still just as guilt-stricken, she’s your advisor as you take your first tottering steps.”

Another notable feature includes changes to the plasmid system in which “every upgrade you make gives a new Plasmid ability; so updating incinerate takes you from firing fireballs to having a built-in flamethrower.”

There’s also many new screenshots, though one very interesting image is of a Little Sister with the options to: “Harvest” and a change to the system in which you can “Adopt” them as you take control of a Big Daddy.

The magazine also features an interview with Jordan Thomas, the Creative Director at 2k Marin. If you’re interested in Bioshock 2 and want to find out even more, Issue 46, containing these new details, will be available in stores from Thursday (9th April).


David Wriglesworth

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