Mr Moore Likes the Wii

Considering Mr Moore’s position in Microsoft it was a surprise to hear that he was telling gamers to buy the Wii at this years E3. Maybe he just wants everyone to avert their eyes from the PS3, but it also seems like he actually enjoys using Nintendo products.

He has already told the gaming world he owns a DS (currently he’s playing Brain Age) and he has now revealed that he will also be purchasing the new Nintendo Wii. The boys at Nintendo must be truly loving it as they have both Sony and Microsoft urging gamers to buy the Wii.

Well I hope my friend Reggie [Fils-Aime] sends me one, I don’t know. [laughs] Look I was there when Iwata-san pulled out that thing. I was there in the front row in Tokyo… and I said [to myself] “You’ve got to give ’em kudos for trying.” And I’m literally going to go over there tomorrow and try to find Reggie or find Perrin [Kaplan] and I think Mario’s the game… if you’ve got to play one game it’s Mario.” Peter Moore said in a recent interview. “I’m sure I’ll get one. Right now I’m trying to get my Brain Age down [laughs]. Look, it’s not partisan; I love what Nintendo is doing. They’re in a different space… and there’s this view now that you buy a 360 for Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Gears of War, all the other stuff we got going, and if you want Metroid, you want Zelda, you want Mario, you go get a Wii. And you put the two together and it’s probably the same price as the PS3.

There you have it, Peter Moore is Nintendos new marekting guy, don’t be surprised to see him on posters and banners holding a Wii in one hand and the 360 in the other.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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