Mortal Kombat’s Next-Gen Revival

Almost 22 years on from the original, NetherRealm have officially announced and released a trailer for the tenth instalment of Mortal Kombat. With its release in 2015, we found our favourite side scrolling combatants Sub Zero and Scorpion butting heads once again on our screens. Avid fans of the series can finally, after a three year long wait, finish their opponents once again.

The next instalment is currently being developed for the next-gen consoles, as well as consoles of old, so for those who own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, worry not: your blood thirst will be sated! This instalment of the Mortal Kombat franchise will also be the second game to finds itself on the PC, so any readers who have a desire to button mash to the extreme, and find themselves with a keyboard at hand, I hope you have durable keyboard!

Scorpion's 22 years seems to have done him well, I can only hope to look this good in that amount of time.Scorpion’s 22 years has only benefited him, I can only wish to look this good in 22 years time.

The announcement of this game, just a matter of days prior to E3, would suggest that either they’re ready to let attendees try the game and have a bash at freezing Scorpion or decapitating Sub Zero, as per the trailer, or they’re confident enough to let competitors know they too are still at the top of the game in the genre, and but a message to competitors.

Be it that it may, Mortal Kombat X is only a year or so away, I cannot wait to once again find myself in the shoes of my favourite fighter, Sub Zero. I am excited as any other lover of the franchise to see what new fighters arise in the new challenge, and also to see what NetherRealm Studios intend to challenge with the latest generation of consoles.


Ben Rayner

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