More Halo 3 information revealed

Frankies at it again! In Bungies latest website update, Frankie goes into a few more details about Halo 3.

The first area of note is the numerous rumours and speculation that went flying around after the Vidoc, which seemed to include a lot of Red Herrings and surprises that people have picked up on. Frankies doesn’t go into too much detail, but he does say that some of the stuff in the vidoc were prototype or concepts that never made it into the final build.

A lot of usmoaned at the graphics, but Frankie did state that the vidoc was Alpha stage, and he tells us to wait for the beta before we make our minds up on the graphical side of the game – reminding us that since that Alpha filming, there have been significant changes in the textures, lighting, decorations and water effects. He seems to be boasting a fair bit about the water, so for the first few days of the Beta, we expect a lot of spartans to just bestanding around staring at the water in Valhalla.

He mentionsa moment in the video when a Spartan is shot out of mid-air and tumbles to the ground, sliding across the placeholder water without a splash. Frankie says that he won’t do that in the Beta Build, he’ll do “something neater”.

Frankie also goes into more details about the X-Button, currently being called “Equipment”. If you remember in the video, a bubble shield was demonstrated, and this brought up numerous questions about whether people would “lame” the shield and end up using them all the time – turning the battlefield into an “igloo village”. Frankie tells us that this won’t happen, because a piece of equipment will be a rare find, and there won’t be too many about to lame with.

Quoting the man himself: “In the old alpha footage you’re watching, the shield generator actually rolled downhill and the player protected inside it had to walk backwards with it to enjoy its shelter. In the beta, it won’t roll. We’re still playing around with things like that. It’s also possible to simply walk inside the shield and fight the inhabitant. It only protects them from explosions and projectiles. Vehicles and people can wander right through. If you die without deploying it, you’ll drop it, just like a gun or ‘nades. Someone else can then pick it up and use it.”

To read the entire article, and to get the full jist of what he’s saying, simply head over to

Russ Clow

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