Monster Mash Up. The Results!

ConsoleMonster saw it’s first official prize get-together complete successfully a few weeks ago and thought it was about time we had another one. Named Monster Mash Up gamers old and new gathered together for a massive night of gaming. Last time we rocked on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and this time it was one of the more recent releases, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Let’s meet tonight’s lineup for the Monster Mash Up!

Snowy M1nge – Our host for the evening, Snowy was all set up and ready to play by 7pm. Essentials included Beer, Beer and well more Beer with the occasional P90 thrown in. Let’s hope that the beer would effect his overall performance.

TruPlaya83 – Former Monster Member of the Month and current Monster Masher TruPlaya will be wanting to vent some anger after the recent demolition of his team, Aston Villa.

Glitch100 – Current Monster Member of the Month Glitch100 is dominantly a Halo 3 player. Lets hope his mind is still on Cortana MasterChief when it comes down to the Mash Up Prize game.

Dvx Uk – The legend in charge of the Monster Mash up is to be watched to an extensive detail as the expectations are high and the desire for prizes is clear. Will the originator run off with all the prizes himself or will he have to hand them over to another, more skilled opponent.

Sean – Desperate for the Halo 3 USB minibot Sean was on and ready to play. The only problem, no headset….but thats another story for another day.

Sharp337 – Newest member in the mash up Sharp arrived on time and was ready to mash up the lineup.

Juskev – A friend of Snowy M1nge we knew he meant business. Also armed with yet more beer would Juskev show who’s boss in his first ever Monster Mash Up

Superbean – Hailing from bonny Scotland Superbean was preparing for battle with a pre-match meal of Haggis Neeps and Tatties. Now ready will Superbean show who’s King?

rob0916 – Rob arrived fashionable late in what was to be his first Monster Mash Up. Equiped with his weapon of choice will Rob be ready for the challenge thrown down by other members.

Wriggy – 7:38pm, Wriggy put on his hat, loaded his weapon and entered the Console Monster Mash Up, armed with a carton of fresh orange juice, Oreos and a grenade. Would Wriggy’s lack of experience hold him back?

Wo33er – Wo33er had just finished playing on the Battlefield: Bad Company Beta when he was recruited for the Console Monster Mash Up. The Rainbow Six: Vegas virgin geared up and was about to face his fears. Would nerves get the better of him?

Fusion – Staff member and content machine extraordinaire Fusion gets in line to boast his prowess against the opposition and prove his worth as the elder in the most recent Monster Mash Up!

So that was the lineup for tonight’s ConsoleMonster MashUp. After being bombarded with invites our host for the evening forum member Snowy M1nge started the night off. Teams were decided at random and when the guns were selected… we were all ready to go.

Mixing matches between Team Deathmatch, Attack & Defend and Team Leader it was clear that players were keen to be in tip top form for the mash up prize game. With games often being even, the teams stayed the same for most of the night. Changing from map to map with the occasional pit stop, players soon entered what we here at ConsoleMonster call “The Game Zone”. This zone requires total concentration from the gamer and any slight annoyance from a third party could cause a mis-judged shot and eternal failure.

After a quick re-fueling session including beer and nibbles, everyone was in agreement that the next match would be the Monster Mash Up Prize game. A healthy debate took place and by vote it was agreed that Team Deathmatch on The Villa would be our map of choice for the game.

15 minutes of Team Deathmatch was all that stood between the players and their prizes. Remember Top 4 killers become Monster Mashers and win some prizes. Players started of cagey not wanting to make the first move or become the first to die. After 3 minutes the scores were tied between four players. Then players began to enter the ‘Gaming Zone’ and the gap seemed to open. TruPlaya and Snowy M1nge tied at the top with Sean, Wo33er and Rob closely following behind. In the last 5 minutes of the match it seemed apparent who our winners were going to be. The Bathroom being a place where you would often find Snowy M1nge, he and TruPlaya alone were fighting for first place. The leader must have changed 5 times within the last 5 minutes and it was making for a great finale. 3rd and 4th place were still up for grabs however with Rob, Sean, Wo33er and Juskev all battling it out. It was all happening. Then with very little time left on the clock we got to the phase were you don’t want to run out in case you died and in doing so give your opponent a much needed kill. The clock ticked down and the barve ran out for that kill that would boost up their position. 3,2,1 and were done. Monster Mash Up 2 was over. Well here’s your winners.

TruPlaya – 1st place which means 1st pick of the prizes. He selected the 1 Month of Gold Xbox Live

Snowy M1nge – 2nd Place so 2nd pick. Earth Defence 2017 is going to our host for the evening

Wo33er – Tied with Sean on 21 kills this Vegas Virgin had less deaths so with less deaths comes the choice of 3rd prize. Wo33er wins the Halo 3 USB Mini-bot.

Sean – Our 4th placed gamer. Sean was playing for the Halo 3 USB Mini-bot but at least he doesn’t go home empty handed. N+ Arcade Code for Sean.

Top 4 placed winners also become Monster Mashers so look out for them in the forums.

Everyone who participated in the Mash-Up were also entered into a prize draw to win a code for Battlefield Beta. The winner is Sharpe337. Well done!

Congratulations go to all our winners and you shall receive your prizes in due course. Special thanks to Snowy M1nge for hosting tonights event and to all the members who participated.

Details of the next Mash Up will be released in due course. So keep it ConsoleMonster and we hope to see many of you monsters in the forums.

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