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Monster News

Monster Month What We Have Been Playing – August 2013

The Console Monster staff bring you our gaming antics in August

Dev Xbox One Indie Games Will Support All Payment Models

Microsoft has said that there will be no set payment structure on Xbox One, meaning free-to-play, micro-transations and premium payment options are open to indie developers who release their games on the next-gen console.Here is hoping that develop

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Trevor Phillips

15 Days to Go – We look at the second of our three protagonists, Trevor.

PS4 Sony Gives Cryptic Response to PlayStation 4 Voice Commands

Turns out there will be voice recognition support for the PlayStation 4, however this doesn’t mean there will be support for such voice commands like

Media Take to the Skies With These Ace Combat Infinity Screenshots

We’ve added the latest screenshots for Ace Combat Infinity.

Media Warframe Screenshots Show PlayStation 4 F2P Game Promise

Charge up your lasers! We take a peek at the latest screenshots for F2P PS4 launch title Warframe.

Xbox One Xbox Live Rewards Program Relaunches

The new version of the scheme has been launched todayand its main feature sees Microsoft Points replaced with Reward Credits.

Xbox One Illumiroom Unlikely for Xbox One – It Would Cost too Much

Microsoft rep tells us not to expect the Illumiroom concept any time soon, as it will cost far too much for the consumer to buy and setup. We’ll just have to wait until the Holodeck arrives.

Xbox One Xbox One Will Not Support External Storage at Launch

Microsoft have stated that plugging in your external drive to store games etc will not be supported at launch, however it will come at some point. Sony’s PS4 will be much the same also at launch. However with 500GB to play with, we don’t think you’ll

PS4 Driveclub PS Plus Version Will be Much the Same Bar a Few Cars/Tracks

Developer of the upcoming racer has stated that the game will be the same as the retail version, bar a view cars and tracks. Platinum trophy will be achievable also, so don’t think you’ll be getting a half-cut version of the racing game with your PS

Xbox One Connect up to 8 Wireless Controllers at Once to Your Xbox One

Microsoft controller hardware page confirms that you can have a ton of friends around and all have the ability to connect to your Xbox One, granted you have enough controllers to share around!

PS4 Exclusive Warframe Also Coming to Xbox One, Eventually

Warframe developer says that their upcoming F2P sci-fi shooter will also be coming to Xbox One eventually, now that Microsoft have improved their support for Indie games.

PS4 PS4 Gaikai Game Streaming Service Uncertain for European Gamers

Sony has said that due to broadband speeds across Europe, the Gaikai game streaming service is uncertain for its gamers. However Gaikai supported services like streaming game footage and instant demo streaming will be available at launch.

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Locations and Maps

14 Days to go – We explore GTA V’s Location of Los Santos and Blaine County

GAME Promises £40 Trade-in When You Upgrade COD, BF4, FIFA 14

Redeemed against price of PS4/Xbox One versions.

GAME Cashing in on Xbox One Day One Edition Shortage With £615 bundle

GAMEis forcing a £615 bundle on customers who wish to secure an Xbox One Day One Edition in time for launch day, but have yet to do so.In an update posted on its website today,GAMEsaid that it

PSN Update US PlayStation Store Update 3rd September

The US PlayStation Store has been updated and filled full of goodies. Get your pre-orders in for AC Black Flag, Batman and F1 2013, download Rayman Legends and Diablo III, whilst over on the PSN Game downloads you can check out Brothers: A Tale of Tw

GTA Vehicle Bravado Banshee Brought to Life

Rockstar and West Coast Customs bring a classic GTA vehicle to life using state-of-the-art fabrications techniques. Inside and out captures the in-game version of the vehicle, which featured way back in GTA III. Hit up the link below to view full scr

TGS 2013 Sony Plans to Show More Than 50 Games at Tokyo Game Show

Sony plans to show over over 50 games at Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off at the end of the month. PlayStation 4 games include Capcom’s Deep Down title. Expect lots of Vita and PlayStation Indie game realises and maybe something a little bit virtual,

TGS 2013 Sony to Reveal PS4 Virtual Reality Headset at Tokyo Game Show

Sony plans to reveal additional hardware at this month’s Tokyo Game Show in the form of a Virtual Reality headset. Rumours are that Driveclub developers are already working with the hardware. With the surge of interest from the Oculus Rift headset,

Xbox One Microsoft Shows How the Xbox One Plans to Interact With Your TV Viewing

Sports, Sports, Sports. TV! Microsoft demonstrates how its connection with your TV viewing will work. Featuring side Apps and side-by-side content windows, it generally leaves little much to be desired. Good job it also plays games, eh?

Real Gang Members Voice Characters in GTA V

GTA V Producers reveal that some voice acting in one of this year’s most anticipated games was done with real-life gang members.

Xbox One Xbox One Title Ryse: Son of Rome Could Have Been A Kinect Only Game

Thank the gaming gods for prototyping. Three were made for Xbox One exclusive title Ryse: Son of Rome, one included Kinect control, the other was a mix of Kinect and controller and finally, the chosen prototype, was fully controller supported.

Xbox One Xbox One Demos Won’t Be Mandatory for Digital Titles

Microsoft has stated that developers will not be required to supply a demo of their games on the Xbox Games Store. This makes development much easier for smaller indie developers, however it has always been good to ‘try before you buy’ via Xbox Live’

Xbox One Xbox One Gets a CPU Speed Boost Before Entering Full Production

Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation console has been given a 150Mhz speed boost in the CPU department before entering full production. No confirmed date has yet been announced however it is rumoured that a late November release is a possibility.&nbs

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Weapons

13 Days to go – We lock and load with the various weapons coming to GTA V

Xbox One Xbox One Launch Date Announced

Grab your shiny new Xbox One on22nd November.

Xbox One Xbox One Could be Sold for Profit at Launch

Even at a cost of £429, Microsoft has stated that they may earn a small margin at launch of the console this coming 22nd November. Digital after sales, DLC and services will no doubt help flower that low margin for Microsoft.

Xbox 360 Xbox 360 – Three More Years Left in the Old Dog

Microsoft has claimed that they will not be turning their back on the old Xbox 360, with over a 100 new titles still in development for the console. How many of those will be multi-platform and multi-generation versions of games, we don’t know, but i

PSN Update EU PlayStation Store Update 4th September

Grab the latest content update from the PlayStation Store with this week’s update, featuring some big hitters, such as Diablo III and the one everyone is waiting for – Farming Simulator 2013.

Test Range is Coming to Battlefield 4 – Learn to Fly in Peace

DICE has confirmed that they are fixing ways in which gamers can learn how to control vehicles, more specifically helicopters, by creating a test range in the upcoming Battlefield 4.The test range is the ideal sandbox environment, away from o

Microsoft Still Wants to Allow Digital Trading in the Future

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Microsoft state that they still plan on supporting digital game trades and lending, but only when the time is right. “We were trying to implement the ability to trade [and] loan digital games with your frie

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: GTA Online

12 Days to go – We take a look at what GTA V will give us when it goes online

Forza 5 Xbox One Bundle Is Sold Out

Itdidn’t take long for the Xbox One to grab gamers attention with the Xbox One Forze bundle selling out on Amazon, GAME and ShopTo.

PC Gamers Never Had It So…. Bad?

Steam survey reveals that the majority of their 50 million users are playing on PC’s less powerful than the upcoming Xbox One and PS4.

Looking At The Latest Destiny Video

Level Save delves deep into the latest video released by Bungie for its upcoming title, Destiny.

Demo Beyond: Two Souls Demo Coming October 1st

Heavy Rain developer Qauntic Dream will have a demo out for their next game – Beyond: Two Souls – on 1st October, with news that some gamers will be able to get it a littler earlier on 24th September. Early access details are yet to be announced from

PS4 What Do Some Big Developers Think of Sony’s PlayStation 4

Weekly Famistu collar a few developers of games launching on the PlayStation 4 and ask them what they think about the console. We get a developer perspective from creators of: The Evil Within, Final Fantasy XIV and Knack.

Xbox One Microsoft Appeals to NFL Fans With their First Xbox One Ad

Microsoft’s first Xbox One ad, doesn’t target gamers, it goes for TV and Sports

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Activities & Pursuits

11 Days to go – We explore the many outdoor pursuits and activities in GTA V

GTA V Grand Theft Auto V: meet Dan Houser, architect of a gaming phenomenon

Grand Theft Autois less a videogame franchise, more an interactive cultural barometer. Set in the US but born in Britain, its evolution over the past two decades from a scrappy, pixelated love letter to crime cinema into a fully explorable, hig

Xbox One Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Units Being Held Back for Retail Stores

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer talks about pre-orders and how Microsoft is holding back stock so that consumers can grab an Xbox One at retail stores when it launches on November 22nd.

EA EA Has Six to Eight New Franchises in the Making

EA speak out with industry rag MCV, mentioning that they have a handful of new game franchises in the works. However by pointing at Mirror’s Edge, take that amount with a pinch of salt, as all of them being completely ‘new’ franchises.

BF4 Battlefield 4 Will Have the Deepest and Most Personal Weapon Customisation Ever

Via their blog, DICE claims that Battlefield 4 will bring the most deepest customisation features to its game, ever.

Dev Unity Support for Xbox One Coming Later this Year

Speaking to OXM, Unity CEO confirms that their middleware engine, Unity, which has been highly adopted by small development teams for mobile, will be coming to Xbox One. Support for Unity will open the doors for smaller development teams and e

Xbox One New Xbox One SmartGlass App Will Bring Matchmaking & Game Guides

Microsoft has given new details on their new Xbox One SmartGlass app.The new app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices will be a new separate app to the existing app for Xbox 360 and will feature much faster connectivity to your Xbox One

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Week 3

9 Days to go – We recap on our third week of daily articles, as we countdown to the launch of GTA V.

Monster Videos

Ace Combat Infinity – Teaser Trailer #3

Dead Rising 3 – Gameplay #2

F1 2013 – Jerez Classic Hotlap

Cloud Powered Gaming on Xbox One

Watch Dogs – 14 Minute Gameplay Demo

Rime – Gameplay Trailer

Xbox One TV Advertisement

BEYOND: Two Souls – 14-Minute Hunted Gameplay

GRID 2 – Demolition Derby Trailer

Assassin’s Creed IV : Black Flag – Locations and Activities Gameplay Demo

Metal Gear Solid 5 – The Making of Female Character Quiet

FIFA 14 – TV Commercial (Featuring Messi & Drake)

Grand Theft Auto V – In-Game Commercials

Ryse: Son of Rome – Inside Look at Combat

F1 2013 – Monza Hotlap (Gameplay Trailer)

Monster Reviews

Mars: War Logs

Xbox 360 Achievements

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Killer is Dead

Payday 2

PS3 Trophies

Saints Row IV

Killer is Dead

Rayman Legends

Diablo III

Payday 2

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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