Monster Gaming Week (30 June 2013)

If you missed any gaming news over the past seven days, today we give you another chance to catch up with our latest news and reviews from the past week.

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Monster News

How A PS4 Would Look in Eight Different Colours

Check out how the PS4 could look in all different colours of the rainbow

Dev Explains Why Titanfall Will Not Have Single Player

Not many gamers will complete it apparently, so why make it, explains dev

Xbox One Official Headset is Revealed

The official headset for the Xbox One console is shown to the masses

Activision: Destiny’s ‘Potential is huge’

Publisher explains how their Sci-fi FPS is one of their biggest IP investments, ever!

The Crew: No Online Player Limits and 10,000 km of Road

Drive for miles and play against an unlimited number of online players in the upcoming racer from Ubisoft

Sony Will Announce More PS4 Games at Gamescom

Sony to unveil more first-party titles for the PlayStation 4 console at this year’s Gamescom event in Germany

Kojima: ‘After seeing Ubisoft’s The Division I felt I have to work harder’

Kojima talks about MGS5 as being a real stealth simulator and how he needs to up his game against rival competition

Xbox One Title Project Spark Beta Registration Now Open

Be one of the first to build and create your own game for the Xbox One. Beta sign ups are now open.

EA Sports Are Looking For FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Testers

Fancy becoming a FIFA 14 UT tester? Then step in side and learn how to take part

Ellen Page: The Last of Us Ripped Off My Likeness

Inception actress Ellen Page has criticised Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed title The Last of Us for ripping off her likeness.

Dev Survival Mode DLC Coming to State of Decay

Developer of the acclaimed XBLA zombie titletalks about its upcomingDLC featuring a new’pure survival’ mode

Sony Reveals Gran Turismo 6 Pre-Order Details

Like racing cars and shop at GameStop or Amazon? Then you are in luck this coming holiday season

Microsoft Exec: Crackdown Isn’t Dead

Phil Spencer confirms thatCrackdown is still an active series, despite no new title since 2010.

Gran Turismo 6 Demo Pulls Up Next Week

GT Academy-style driver training come demo for Gran Turismo 6 hits our consoles on Tuesday 2nd July

Dev Killzone: Shadow Fall Drone Control Uses DuaShock 4 Touch-Pad

Lead designer tells us what the OWL is all about.

Microsoft VP Phil Spencer Talks The Future of Master Chief

Is it Halo or Halo 5? Will there be a Halo 2 Anniversary? Some answers to your worries inside

Xbox One Chat Headset Not Included

Microsoft says that Kinect 2.0 will handle all the talking, so no need for a bundled chat headset

Saints Row IV ‘Probe Weapon’ Forces Game Ban in Australia

Saints Row goes a little too far once again and forces the hand of game certification in Australia

More Details Emerge for The Order: 1886

Developer of the teased PlayStation 4 exclusive title fills us in with more details on the game

PlayStation Network PSone Sale Starts Today

For eight weeks Sony will be dropping its prices for a select range of PSone titles on the PlayStation Store

PSN Update EU PlayStation Store Update 26 June

Hotline Miami and Deadpool hits the PlayStation Store

Rumour Sony Removed the PS4 Camera to Shave $100 Off its Original Price

Multiple sources state that Sony sacrificed the PlayStation 4 camera so they could beat Microsoft by price

Dev Xbox One to Have ‘Unprecedented Amounts of Detail’ Thanks to New Tiled Resources Feature

Announced today, this new feature for DirectX 11.2 will be coming to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One games

Xbox 360 Headset Adapter for Xbox One in Development

Xbox support confirms that there will be an adapter that will enable Xbox 360 headsets to work on Xbox One

Sony Releases 4.46 Update and Instructs How to Fix Your Bricked 4.45 PS3

Sony has released PS3 update 4.46 and offers instructions on how to fix anyone with a broken 4.45 console

Microsoft no longer charges developers to patch their Xbox 360 games

Free title updates.

Game demos halve sales, new data suggests

Game trailers are more likely to sell products, according to research.

Battlefield 4 Campaign to be Less Linear Than Battlefield 3

Developers at DICE state that the single player game will feature some multiplayer elements and be less linear than BF3

Dev The Division Developer Talks PvP

Ubisoft developer answers community questions for the upcoming game The Division

Sony confirms PlayStation 4 does not have a power brick

New console will contain internal power supply.

Monster Videos

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Zod Fight Trailer

Titanfall – Behind the Scenes

Driveclub – E3 2013 Trailer

Diablo III – PS3 Gameplay

Battlefield 4 – Frostbite 3 Feature Video

Watch Dogs – Watch_Dogs – Wearedata

Doodle Jump – Gameplay Trailer

Spartacus Legends – Launch Trailer

The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Trailer

inFamous: Second Son – PS4 Gameplay

Saints Row IV – In-Game Walkthrough

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 – Game Features

Monster Reviews


Pool Nation

Xbox 360 Achievements

Lost Planet 3

MotoGP 13

State of Decay

Castle of Illusion HD

PS3 Trophies


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

MotoGP 13

So there you have it. All the latest news and reviews from the last week. Let us know what your favourite gaming story was from last week by leaving a comment below!

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