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Monster News

KA-BOOM! Free to play MMO juggernaut World of Tanks on Xbox 360 now taking Beta applications

Remember at the Microsoft conference at E3 they announced the World of Tanks 360 Edition, well this game is now taking beta applications on their official website.World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition isthepremier free-to-play team-bas

Major Nelson: Users can plug their Xbox 360 into the Xbox One

Windows 8 PCs and set-top boxes can be plugged in as well.

Rumour Customise Your Vehicle Coming to Battlefield 4

More Alpha image leaks show that you can customise your ride

The Ryse and Fall of QTE – Crytek Responds

Crytek responds to the QTE hate found in their game’s unveiling during E3 2013

EA Confirms Dead Space 4 Isn’t in Development

EA has no plans, as yet, for the next instalments of the Dead Space franchise

Microsoft Clears Up Blocked Xbox One Access for Banned Players

Major Nelson shoots down the mistake made by Xbox Support advice on Twitter

Watch_Dogs, Far Cry and Rabbid Movies Coming to a Cinema Near You

Ubisoft’s film division speaks out that we could be seeing movies based on their game franchises in the future

Xbox One set to offer unlimited cloud storage

Sky’s the limit.

Microsoft Exec Says “In The Long Run, Our Console Will Win”

Over the long-term, Xbox One will win…so Microsoft say anyway.

Dev Xbox One Offers Quicker Production Cycles Claims Dev

Xbox One exclusive title, Sunset Overdrive, developer claims it offers quicker development

Minecraft Studio in Discussions to Allow Save Transfers to Xbox One

Minecraft developer is looking to bring saved transfers from Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Gears of War: Judgment Relics DLC Adds More Maps and Modes

New DLC pack will come with four new maps and a new play mode

PS4 Auto-Updates and Social Features Will Be Free to All Users

All the good stuff, including auto-updates and social features will be free to all PS4 users

Dev Hacking Mechanic in Watch_Dogs Will Evolve

Producer of Watch_Dogs explains how their plans for the hacking mechanic in the game will be overhauled

XBLA State of Decay Becomes Fastest Selling Original Game on XBLA

Xbox Live Arcade zombie title – State of Decay – has surpassed half a million paid downloads

Ubisoft’s The Division Brings Classless Characters and Second Screen Experiences

Ubisoft explains its classless character system, simultaneous gameplay on tablets, mulit and solo game modes

Dev Wolfenstein: The New Order Will Be More Than Just A Regular FPS

Gameplay designer at iD Software claims that the upcoming Wolfenstein game will be more than your typical FPS

‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’ has no campaign, may miss retail

Producer Brian Lindey said that the game may be released as a downloadable title.

Dev Thief Dev Talks About Stealth, Loot and Detection

In a recent interview, Thief developer explains how being spotted will have punishingconsequences

Dev Killer Instinct Free-to-Play Model Explained

Developer of the rebooted fighter explains the many pay-walls you’ll encounter within the game

GAME to open dedicated Xbox Store this Thursday

At Shoreditch’s Boxpark shopping centre.

Dev Lack of Finalised Hardware Holding Up Call of Duty: Ghosts Development

Not having final hardware from Microsoft and Sony has created delays in development of the next-gen version of CoD: Ghosts

Why DICE is a Perfect Fit for Star Wars: Battlefront

EA comments on why DICE is the perfect developer to work on the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront

PSN Update US PlayStation Store Update 18th June

This week’s PlayStation Store Update full of gaming goodness

Sony pulls PS3 firmware update following error reports

Latest PS3 firmware update is causing errors in a “small number” of consoles, according to Sony.

Sony Has A Very Different Future in Mind for PlayStation 4

Sony wants gaming to be more immediate and accessible in the long run

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 First-Party Games to Retail for $59.99

Games are expected to reach deeper into their pockets come the next-generation of first-party game releases

PSN Update EU PlayStation Store Update 19th June

Find out what is new in the PlayStation Store in Europe inside.

Mirror’s Edge Reboot to Fix What Was Wrong With the Original

DICE producer explains why they are rebooting a much loved franchise

No Plans to Cut PS3 Price Any Time Soon Says Sony Exec

With the Vita getting a sales boost from the announcement of the PS4, there’s no plans to cut the price of the PS3

EA Sports Plans to Improve Securty in FIFA

EA sheds light on how they plan to tackle the security issues found in FIFA prior to its next-gen appearance.

Microsoft backtracks on Xbox One proposals

Company makes a U-turn.

Microsoft’s U-turn is not the end of console DRM

Where does Microsoft’s shock announcement leave gamers in the long term?

EA: No Change to Discontinued Online Pass Policy After Xbox One and PS4 Announcements

EA spokesperson states that the online pass system will remain dead due to player feedback

PS4 Game RRP Still Not Confirmed in Europe

Sony will announce RRP for software in UK and Europe at a later date

Xbox Live is down, Microsoft working on it

Problems signing in and connecting confirmed.

Activision, EA Explain PlayStation 4, Xbox One Exclusives

The biggest game publishers shed light on how exclusives happen and the benefits from offering content to MS and Sony

GAME’s Xbox-Only Shop Opens in The Boxpark, Shoreditch

Tiny boutique Xbox-only store opens in the UK and sells new Xbox 360 console for a cool £100

Rumour Dutch Retailer Claims PS4 European Release Date

Dutch retailer takes a stab in the dark whilst Sony neither confirms or denies the proposed launch date

Podcast Monster Cast S04E03 – E3 2013 Debate

Our latest Console Monster Podcast – Monster Cast – is now live and available to download or stream.

Private Loot Streams and Weapons Coming to Destiny

Player’s loot and weapons will be suited to their class without competing with teammates

AC Black Flag: No Multiplayer Naval Battles For You

Game director explains why there will not be any sea based multiplayer in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game

Thief Confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360 Consoles

Eidos Montreal confirms that PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will also be picking pockets too

Fez 2 Won’t Be Coming to Xbox

Fez creator Phil Fish reveals that his next game will not be coming to the Xbox platform

Bleszinski: My Money is on PC, Mobile and Tablets

Cliffy B continues to vent his honest thoughts on the whole Xbox One and PS4 debacle

Dev EA Sports: ‘We must not screw up our next-gen titles’

EA Sports boss warns his team not to screw up in its next-generation suite of titles

Exclusive Dead Rising 3 Missions and Character for Players With an Xbox SmartGlass Device

More second-screen experiences coming to Xbox One with exclusive content in Capcom’s upcoming zombiefest

Play Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC For Free This Weekend on PS3

Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC is free-to-play on PS3 this weekend (until June 24th)

Microsoft Announces ‘Gold Games’ Dates

1st and 16th will bag you some free Xbox titles each month. Fable now, AC2 and Halo 3 coming in July

Rumour Amazon Lists Xbox One Release Date

Amazon also takes a stab in the dark by displaying a release date for Microsoft’s Xbox One console

How A PS4 Would Look in Eight Different Colours

Check out how the PS4 could look in all different colours of the rainbow

Monster Videos

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Vengeance DLC Map Pack Preview

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – “The Beginning” Developer Diary

Elder Scrolls Online – Announce Trailer

Watch Dogs – Multiplayer Gameplay

Call Of Duty: Ghosts – Gameplay on Jimmy Fallon

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Zod Fight Trailer

Titanfall – Behind the Scenes

Driveclub – E3 2013 Trailer

Monster Reviews

Remember Me

Xbox 360 Achievements

Lost Planet 3

MotoGP 13

State of Decay

Castle of Illusion HD

PS3 Trophies


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

MotoGP 13

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