Monster Gaming Week (22 July 2013)

If you missed any gaming news over the past seven days, today we give you another chance to catch up with our latest news and reviews from the past week.

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Monster News

Microsoft Made Mistakes in Communicating its Policies on DRM to its Consumers

Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whittenadmits their mistake in a recent IGN interview

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Next-gen showdown

Gadget rag T3takes a look at who’s winning the battles, and who might win the war.

Dev PlayStation 4 Will Eliminate Lengthy Pre-Install Times

In a recent interview with a Sony R&D leader, you will instantly be playing the game whilst the rest installs

GTA 5 is ‘much faster’ than GTA 4, characters won’t ‘do crazy things for no reason’

Expect ‘very intense missions from the start’, says Rockstar.

Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Major Nelson looksat some of the upcoming content scheduled for theXbox LIVE Marketplace.

Forza Motorsport 5 Will Require Day One Download

With Microsoft changing direction, developers of Forza 5 have had to change how their game will work offline

Dev Monaco Developer Disappointed with Delay on XBLA and Poor Sales

Monaco developer gives yet another knock against Microsoft and its treatment of indie developers

Fun Stuff The Battlefield 3 Easter Egg No One Has Found

After nearly two years since its release, this easter egg has yet to be found, and for a good reason too!

Dev Free Marketing and Optional Feedback For PlayStation 4 Indie Developers

Sony making it more cosy for indie developers to publish their own titles on their platform

Xbox One Xbox One Family Sharing Could Return if Demand is High

Speaking to IGN, Microsoft has stated that recently removed features could return in the future if there’s a demand for it

Rumour Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Coming in August

A Twitter post suggests that we will learn more of CoD Ghosts’ multiplayer at this year’s Gamescom event

Sweat Sensors Were Removed From Final PS4 DualShock 4 Controller

Biometric sensors were considered but removed from early versions of the PS4 DualShock 4 controller

PlayStation Network Use Your PSN Trophies to Bid on PlayStation Memorabilia

Sony has released Bid for Greatness, where you can bid to win real-life PlayStation game items

PSN Update US PlayStation Store Update 16th July

Pre-orders, zombies and more in this week’s PlayStation Store update for USA folk

PSN Update EU PlayStation Store Update 17th July

Smurfs, Sackgirl costumes and superhero Skin Packs come in this week’s EU PlayStation Store update

PlayStation Network NFS Most Wanted, Mafia II and Spec Ops: The Line Free for PSN+ Members This August

Sony announce what free stuffs will be coming this August for PlayStation + members

Face Off Forza Motorsport 5 vs Driveclub

Website GenGAME put both platform exclusive racers to the test, which one comes out on top? Click and see

Xbox One 15 Things You Need to Know About Xbox One

Official Xbox Magazine has you covered with this video on what you should know about the upcoming console

Hardware Use Your PlayStation 3 Wireless Headset on Your PlayStation 4

Sony rep confirms that gamers will be able to use their existing wireless headset on the upcoming PlayStation 4 console

Xbox One Title – Project Spark – Will Be Free-to-Play

Producer reveals that the Microsoft exclusive Xbox One title will be free-to-play with premium purchasable items

Battlefield 4 Campaign Details Revealed

Battlefield 4 blog unveils all the juicy details and character screenshots on the game’s single player campaign

Forza 5 Day One Download Explained

Developers of the game sheds more light on the day one download you’ll need to play the game

Ubisoft’s The Division to Launch End of 2014

Ubisoft has confirmed that the open-world next-gen title will be releasing towards the end of 2014

Why Dead Rising 3 moved from Xbox 360 to Xbox One

Capcom Vancouver reveal why the title changed direction.

Hardware Microsoft Discusses More Xbox One Controller and Kinect Use in Games

At Comic Con Microsoft talks more on how it’s next-gen Kinect and controller may be used

Forza 5 Career Mode Cannot Be Completed Without An Online Download

Turn 10 developer confirms the online download will not stop you playing the game but you’ll need it to complete the career

New Borderlands 2 DLC Incoming

New level caps are to be increased and new content is played in the coming months via Headhunter Packs

Monster Videos

Street Fighter IV – Ultra Trailer

Mad Max – Mad Max Soul of a man trailer

Assassin’s Creed IV : Black Flag – A Pirate’s Life on High Seas trailer

WWE 2k14 – Pre-order bonus

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Become What They Fear The Most

Killzone Shadow Fall – Off-Screen Gameplay

Batman: Arkham Origins – Copperhead Trailer

inFamous: Second Son – PlayStation 4 Development

Saints Row IV – Johnny Gat Trailer

Ace Combat Infinity – Announcement Trailer

Deadpool – Launch Trailer

Dead Rising 3 – Zombie Apocalypse Evolved

Dead Rising 3 – Comic Con Stage Demo

Monster Reviews

The Serious Sam Collection

Resident Evil: Revelations


So there you have it. All the latest news and reviews from the last week. Let us know what your favourite gaming story was from last week by leaving a comment below!

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