Monster Gaming Week (11 August 2013)

If you missed any gaming news over the past seven days, today we give you another chance to catch up with our latest news and reviews from the past week.

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Monster News

New Faction in Battlefield 4 Means New Vehicles

Details on new Chinese faction vehicles are uncovered, as is shooting whilst swimming

Prey 2 Still in Development – Look at These Leaked Shots

During QuakeCon 2013, Prey 2 is said to be still very much in development. Here’s some leaked shots to prove it.

Reasons Not to Buy a Next-Gen Console Upon Release

If you needed a reason, here are a few!

Ubisoft has planned the end of Assassin’s Creed

When it’ll come is another question entirely.

Ask Microsoft Anything About Xbox One

No more half-answers or no-comments. It’s on now!

PS4 PlayStation 4 Keynote is Coming to Tokyo Game Show 2013

Titled ‘The World PlayStation 4 Creates’ is scheduled to take place on Sept. 19, the first day of this year’s TGS

PlayStation Network More PlayStation Store Sales Appear

Have a cheap Journey with more offers available in Sony’s summer sale.

Rumour Possible PlayStation 4 + PS Vita Bundle for $500?

According to a new report, Sony may introduce a hardware bundle containing a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for $500.

Battlefield 4’s Battlemap Coming to Only PC and Next-Gen Consoles

Battlefield 4’s Battlemap tablet/second screen feature will not be compatible with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

PSN Update Hitman Absolution Coming to Sony’s Instant Game Collection

The baldheaded, barcoded assassin will be coming free to US PlayStation + members, like today!

Xbox One Xbox One Time-Slip Recording Feature to Capture at 720p, 30 fps

Your 1080p game running at 60fps may just get short changed once it gets recorded via the Xbox One time-slip recording feature

Rumour Valve Community Tour Sheds Light on Source 2 – Left 4 Dead 3 Development

Community tour snaps Valve change log which mentions that Source 2 and L4D3 is under development

Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us Alternative Ending

SPOILER ALERT! If you have yet to play or complete the game, you best not read this

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Fills the Gap Between Long Dev Times

Capcom producer mentions that long development times has resulted in them filling the gap with an Ultra release.

Dev Bungie Plans to Counter Trolls Through Design in Destiny

Bungie speaks out on how they plan to use clever design to tackle online trolls from spoiling your fun

Dev BioShock Developer: PC and Next-Gen Consoles ‘are very much similar beasts’

Kev Levine says that from a hardware perspective, the PC and upcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony are fairly equal.

Sales Rayman Sale Offers 50 Percent off Titles on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Are you a Rayman fan who loves a bargain? Then today is your lucky day, more so if you are a PS+ member.

Console Monster rattles Ted Timmins’ Brains About Fable Anniversary

We sit down with Ted Timmins who answers a few questions about the upcoming game; Fable Anniversary.

PSN Update EU PlayStation Store Update 7th August

Saints Row IV -Inauguration Station,Spartacus Legends,Tales of Xillia and more in this week’s EU PlayStation Store update.

Xbox One Xbox One Recording Joins Skype, SmartMatch and TVGuide as Gold Only Features

Xbox One’s time slip gameplay recording is to be a Gold member only feature, alongside Skype, TVGuide and SmartMatch

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Will Appear on Other Platforms This Month

This week’s Xbox exclusive Summer of Arcade title will also be coming to PS3 and PC later this month

Dev PlayStation 4’s DriveClub Setting the Look and Feel of Next-Gen Driving Games

The Guardian sits down with the DriveClub team to talk realism, simulation and visuals in the upcoming PlayStation 4 racer

GTA V Murals Going Up Around NYC and LA

Rockstar ramps up its marketing hype for their GTA V by painting murals of the game and its characters.

Major Nelson unboxes Xbox One, now includes headset

Includes Kinect, a headset, HDMI cable, paperwork… oh, and a console.

Xbox One Xbox One Chat Headset in Video

Microsoft unboxed their Xbox One yesterday whilst also unveiling the bundled chat headset

Update New Vehicles and Maps Coming to World of Tanks Update

World of Tanks update 8.8 will add a bunch of new medium and heavy tanks, plus some new maps to battle in.

Indie Xbox One Title – Below – Will Be A Timed Exclusive

Capy’s indie title Below will be coming to other platforms after some timed exclusivity on Xbox One.

DLC CoD Black Ops 2 Apocalypse DLC Confirmed for August Release

Four maps and the ‘Origins’ Zombies mode concludes season pass content

PS4 PlayStation 4 Game Recording to be Available to All

Yoshida confirms that gameplay recording on the PS4 will not be restricted to just PS+ members

Hands-On Read This Man’s Impressions on the Xbox One and Kinect 2.0 Unit

Read IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey impressions when he went hands-on with Zumba Fitness an Xbox One and Kinect 2.0

Xbox 360 Microsoft Xbox Exec: Committed to Xbox 360 For Years

Years? We highly doubt this, as more developers swing over to the new shiny platform

Xbox One: Sharing Digital Games and Gold

A number of changes are coming to Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox One.

Monster Videos

Ace Combat Infinity – Create New Skies Trailer

Call Of Duty: Ghosts – Multiplayer Squad Teaser

FIFA 14 – Pure Shot & Real Ball Physics – Features Trailer

Saints Row IV – Inauguration Station Trailer

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Developer Diary – The Narrative

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Origins Teaser Trailer

Monster Reviews

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Charlie Murder

Tour de France 2013

Xbox 360 Achievements

Tour de France 2013

Diablo III

PS3 Trophies

Tour de France 2013

So there you have it. All the latest news and reviews from the last week. Let us know what your favourite gaming story was from last week by leaving a comment below!

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