Microsoft Confirms Issue With 360 Wireless at Kiosks

Hopefully these problems won’t be around if and when the Xbox gaming kiosks start popping up in the UK

“I just received an email from Microsoft confirming that they have indeed been having issues with their Xbox 360 kiosks because of wireless interference. Apparently the 360’s wireless system can interfere with a store’s network-based inventory managment system.

They say that a solution was developed within 24 hours of the problem cropping up and that they are in the process of rolling out the fix.

Here’s the company’s official line and a Q&A:

Q: I heard Xbox 360 is interfering with retailer’s inventory system; what’s going on?
A: Our Xbox 360 retail kiosk program rolled out this week and we encountered some minor wireless interference issues that are specific to some retail environments. Since the advent of 2.4 ghz signals, such as those found in next generation consumer electronics like cordless phones, wireless routers and now, Xbox 360, some retailers have discovered that their network-based inventory management systems can be impacted by products using modern wireless signals. While retailers are constantly updating their internal management systems, sometimes new products being introduced into the market can cause this kind of temporary interference. We are working closely with our partners to provide a software solution that mitigates this problem within their retail environments. Adjustments and tweaks to kiosks of any kind are quite common once they’re deployed in a live retail environment and we consider making such adjustments a standard part of the launch process.

Q: How can I be assured that Xbox 360 isn’t going to interfere with other wireless devices in my home?
A: This issue is specific to the equipment used in a few retail environments. Xbox 360, like portable phones, wireless network routers, and Bluetooth devices emit radio frequency operate in the 2.4GHz band. Microsoft has one of the most robust testing programs in the industry and has ensured that Xbox 360 meets all FCC/ETSI requirements and rules for operation in the 2.4GHz band. It is possible that devices that do not comply with FCC/ETSI rules of operation in this band may not properly handle interference from other 2.4GHz sources. Such devices would be extremely rare in a home environment.

Q: Has this caused damage to your retail relationships?
A: We have strong relationships with our retail partners and we work collaboratively with them all the time. We can assure you stores are experiencing “business as usual” and we are deploying a solution for consumers to experience Xbox 360 in the retail environment.”

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