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Microsoft Aims for 1million 360’s sold in the UK by Christmas

Microsoft’s VP for EMEA and home entertainment Chris Lewis has today stated that the company are aiming to have sold 1 million Xbox 360’s in the UK by Christmas. Currently, 1.3 million Xbox 360’s have been sold in Europe and 5 million worldwide.

Lewis said:
“The UK team expects to get to a million 360 sales well ahead of Christmas. We have built up a good head of steam, so it certainly won’t be nip and tuck.”

Lewis denied reports that sales of the 360 had been poor in Europe (outside of the UK of course), however he did state that in Spain, Microsoft “have had to re-set the dial”.

He went on to say that he expects he expects Microsoft to hit their 10 million worldwide target by Christmas with increased efforts in major territories such as the US and Japan and help from new markets including Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and South Africa which will see the 360 launch there soon.

Lewis also hopes that Russia could also see the 360 launch there soon:
“We’re still trying to get there as soon as we possibly can, but only when we’ve got a localised dashboard on the console.”

Lewis finished by saying that, despite some reports, Microsoft have no plans to drop of the price of the console:
“We have no intention of making any price moves with 360. We offer great value right now and great choice thanks to the Core and Premium systems. We will also have 160 games and totally own football, so there is plenty to be driving demand.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber


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