Media & Details: C&C Tiberium Wars

EA’s next installment in their long running franchise – Command & Conquer, has now begun preparing its battle formations, for its release on May 10th, and just to get you in the mood we’ve updated our Media Section with five brand-spanking-new screenshots.

EA’s Los Angeles Studio [Battle for Middle-Earth 2] brings you Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars. C&C broke in to the PC market in the mid 1990’s, it raised the bar on all other RTS [Real Time-Strategy] titles. EALA intends to raise that bar even higher with Tiberium Wars for Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

EALA have also incorporated Microsoft’s new toy, the Xbox Live Vision Camera which you’ll be able to use during gameplay to taunt, laugh and mock your opponents, as you casually destroy all their hours of hard work.

EA Games haven’t stopped there either, they’ve announced that Xbox Live Gold Members will be able to download the first ever demo on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace “in the coming weeks”

C&C: Tiberium Wars has had great feedback from PC Gamers. The developers have worked hard to bring you a smooth gameplay experience as to what you would find with a Mouse and Keyboard. We’re very confident that this is the case, and cant wait to get our hands on this title.

Let us know if your going to pick up this title, or do you already own it for your PC, leave a comment below.

You’ll also be glad to hear that you can help the site by pre-ordering this title from Don’t forget your vision camera.

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars [360]

Xbox Live Vision Camera [360]


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