As we step into the month of June, a few of us here at Console Monster take a look back into last month’s top news and events in the games industry, as well as let you know what games we’ve been playing, and what we are looking foward to this month. Enjoy.

So what have you been playing?

Dave: Grand Theft Auto: IV, NBA Ballers: Chosen One and Boom Blox were the main three for this month. I got within touching distance of finishing Grand Theft Auto IV when I “displaced” a bone in my wrist which has left me with a plaster cast for 3 weeks. Thankfully I’m not fully out of the gaming picture as games such as Boom Blox can be played with one hand and a few fingers.

Chris T: I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto IV and also Boom Blox. I finally finished the GTA IV story, which means now I have to go and do all the other side missions. I didn’t get the “Liberty City Minute” achievement though, because I spent so long just wandering round. Boom Blox has kept me amused for quite a while. It does get very frustrating at times, but it’s brilliant fun.

Anthony: If it wasn’t for Rock Band, Grand Theft Auto IV wouldn’t have left my 360’s disc drive. With the bustling whirlwind of life I’ve only managed 25% of the game in around 14 hours of play, so you can say I have been getting my money’s worth from it. Rock Band on the other hand has been a real eye opener for me. Within a space of 2 days my left hand now resembles a claw from playing too much guitar, a pain in the foot from the drums and a loss of voice from the singing challenges. After all that, was it worth it? Hell yea, this is great fun! Check out my review soon.

Craig: The past month has been a change for me. First of all there was plenty of walking around finding little mini missions and driving people over in Grand Theft Auto IV. Then I’ve been playing some Halo 3 reaching my highest score in Lone Wolves, a level 44. Double Team has also seen some action this month with me reaching level 39. Surprisingly there has been little Call of Duty 4, but there’s always next month for that.

Rob: My month has been dominated by Grand Theft Auto IV. To be honest that’s when I get a look in with both my girlfriend and sister having become addicts and playing it for hours a day, there isn’t much room for me to play it. However considering I’ve played about 20 hours or so and I’ve only just moved out the first flat, just like Anthony – I think I’m also getting good value for money!

What, no Spring Dashboard up date?

Dave: I’m not really too bothered about the Spring dashboard update as there isn’t much more Microsoft can do regarding the dashboard. I was quite surprised at the announcement to drop certain Arcade titles with bad Metacritic scores, but I guess quality should come before quantity in the long run.

Chris T: I’m rather disappointed about this. I love seeing what new features are going to be implemented, but I suppose Microsoft must really be scraping the barrel for new ideas since they’ve practically used them all. The whole deleting poor quality Arcade games is a bit silly, especially when they continue to release poor games anyway.

Anthony: With the PS3 ramping up momentum I thought Microsoft would have created a few pre-emptive strikes to slow Sony’s pace down, one of which could have been a Spring update of features, but alas no. There are plenty of things that could still be done with the LIVE service and its dashboard. It’s certainly not perfect in my opinion.

Craig: Sony has started to up the ante with their PlayStation Store so I was slightly disappointed to hear that Microsoft will not be having their yearly Spring Dashboard Update. The Marketplace could do with some slight changes and group chat still isn’t included at the moment, which is one of the major things I think Microsoft is missing. We want group chat Microsoft, how hard can it be?

Rob: I love the updates and although I’ve not been on Xbox LIVE properly for a year due to University networks, I was hoping when I return home to have some new features especially when this list appeared. And if they aren’t doing a release now, does this mean small regular updates in the future?

PlayStation Day, was there anything of interest to you?

Dave: I watched it and a lot of details came out of it though I wasn’t too interested as Sony didn’t make it that entertaining to watch. Despite this, some of the content was good and I fell in love with Echochrome!

Chris T: Since I’m not a PS3 owner, I wasn’t too fussed. However, I saw the Mirror’s Edge trailer and was blown away. Echochrome also looked fantastic too, but still….Mirror’s Edge! Wow!

Anthony: Just give us LittleBigPlanet already! Killzone 2 is looking pretty good still, as does Motorstorm 2. New IP such as Mirrors Edge looks interesting but for me the jury is still out on that one, as I’m not a fan of first-person fisty-cuffs.

Craig: Motorstorm 2, Little Big Planet and Killzone 2 are the games to look forward to. Especially Killzone 2, it’s an exclusive to Sony so there’s a lot of pressure on the developers to get this right. Echronome also looks interesting.

Rob: I didn’t mind the PlayStation and PS2, but the PS3 has very little to interest me in its early life, much like the other consoles, so nothing in particular stood out for me at the PlayStation Day. I guess Killzone 2 looks alright though!

WiiWare launches, will you be getting involved?

Dave: WiiWare seems very expensive. At 1500 Wii Points for one game, I doubt I’ll buy any unless they really appeal to me. I’m sticking to the XBOX LIVE Arcade for now. Bring on Peggle!

Chris T: For me, they’re too expensive. I’m sure as time goes by and more original titles start appearing of better quality, then I may consider it, but at the moment I’ll stick with some of the brilliant, cheaper games on XBLA.

Anthony: Not for me as I don’t currently have a Wii. WiiWare looks good though from a developer’s point of view. I’d love to get involved with developing a Wii game. I am sure a lot of developers will bring some interesting games with the use of the Wiimote and Balance Board.

Craig: Unfortunately I haven’t been reading much on the WiiWare games. From what I have seen though they seem to be a little on the expensive side, in comparison to the Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Store titles.

Rob: I really like the idea, especially as I like the Xbox LIVE Arcade, but my issue as with most things is the price of the games. Some are perhaps worthy of the £10 cost but I still hate buying points in return for games even on the Xbox 360. So until we can buy titles using our credit cards again, I’ll be over-looking these unless they offer a demo or freebie now and again which I believe they should.

What are you looking forward to this month?

Dave: This month will be amazing for me. My wrist will have healed, my exams finished, my long summer starts and the release of top titles such as LEGO Indiana Jones and Race Driver: GRID.

Chris T: It’s another pretty good month for me also. Not only does it signal the start of summer, but we have Lego Indy, Battlefield: Bad Company and some other fantastic looking games.

Anthony: Probably Race Driver: GRID to start off with for me, followed by Lego Indiana Jones. I am a big fan of the Battlefield series so I’m looking forward to checking out Bad Company when it launches. Hopefully Wipeout HD will see the light of day this month and also the beta for Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix. As well as that probably more GTA IV and Rock Band for me too.

Craig: Attempting to reach Level 50 in Lone Wolves – not realistic I know – and then playing some Call of Duty 4 again as that seem to be getting a little neglected. If I have time after that I’ll be running around in Grand Theft Auto IV. Battlefield: Bad Company also comes out next month so I’ll be renting that to see if it’s any good.

Rob: It seems a bit dry next month, but I loved the Toca Race Driver on Xbox, so I have high hopes for Race Driver due out this month. It perhaps won’t be a purchase as I’ll still be playing GTA IV and I’m tempted to buy the new Guitar Hero: Aerosmith as I love the game at the moment.

Leave us your views on last month’s topics, as well as letting us know what you have been playing, and what you are looking forward to this month by leaving a comment below. You need to be a Monster Member to leave a comment. To sign up and post a comment, all you have to do is register in our forum and sign into the main site (above) using the same details .

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