Making Someone Happy is Child’s Play

Christmas is upon us and while many of us are getting a Wii, PS3 and even the lovely Xbox 360 from Santa, sadly some children will be spending this Christmas in hospital. As a child I have had to stay in hospital for numerous reasons and last year I spent a good 6 weeks in hospital. What sticks in my mind is how unbelievable boring it can be. You’re not in the best shape and you’re spending your day stuck in a bed. So I bought a PSP (yes a Sony PSP!) to try and pass the time. The great thing is it worked! My mental state picked up and I was back at home ready to get on with things.

What about the children who can’t get hold of a PSP? There has to be some way to make their hospital stay a little bit more enjoyable. The great thing is there is a way to bring a smile to their faces. A member of the 360monster community Killer 57, told me about an organization called Child’s Play, Founded by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins who are the people behind the popular online comic “Penny Arcade”. Not only do they create an extremely funny comic (I’m no suck up) but they are also gamers. Angry with the negative press against gamers from the media they created this charity to show them just what gamers are capable of.

The charity allows you to purchase toys hospitals have requested through and’s “Wish List” feature. You can choose a hospital located near you, browse through their wish list and purchase one or more items and the items will be sent directly to your chosen hospital and can be enjoyed by the children. Head over to and have a look at a hospitals wish list. There really not asking for much. Lego, books, DS Lite consoles, Playstation 2 games. If you’re really tight on cash there are books as cheap as 75 pence. So why not just buy something and tell us what you bought.

So take a moment of your time and click the link Click a controller on the map and have a look. Check your bank account to make sure you have some money left after all the new games you have just bought and purchase something. Don’t fancy buying a toy? You can donate as much as you want with the PayPal link on the Child’s Play main page.

See what video games have made me do Mr Thomson. They have made me put a smile on children’s faces. What is the world coming to!

Thanks for your time readers. If you’re wondering what I’m going to purchase, it’s late and I will leave a comment once I have bought something.

Originally Written By: Toby Bodman

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