Madden 07 Superbowl XLI Prediction

So here we are finally at Superbowl XLI. Two teams but only one prize, the chance to lift the Lombardi a feat not yet attained by the master himself Peyton Manning who has struggled in the playoffs in recent years and started this seasons playoffs in dramatically bad style with 3 Interceptions against the Kansas City Chiefs. Then that match was followed by yet another sub-par performance by number 18 against the Baltimore Ravens. Luckily for him the Colts defence was on hand to save the day on both occasions. Then there was the amazing spectacle that was the AFC Championship match, which saw one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL between Colts QB Manning and the Pats QB Brady end in one of the greatest playoff matches yet seen in the NFL. With the Pats leading 21-3 the Colts made a miraculous comeback to topple the playoff kings 38-34 and the result sent them on their way to the Orange Bowl and Superbowl 41.

As for the Bears in their case the Lombardi hasn’t seen the Chicago trophy cabinet since 1985. The Bears first playoff match saw them up against the Seahawks who had managed to beat the Cowboys a week before due in part to Romo and his butterfingers. Yet again the ‘Hawks fought tooth and nail but were edged out by the stronger Bears with the final score being 27-24 in a match that ended up going into overtime. Then they had to face the fairytale team that was the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game, but sadly for the Saints their story ended with the Bears whose Defensive might once again shone through and left the Bears on there way to Miami after a 39-14 victory.

So now we come to the match itself, the Bears and the Colts one extremely strong Defence against and equally impressive Offence and at the same time a flawed Offence against a flawed Defence. Well we at 360Monster mainly due to the fact we simply couldn’t wait one whole week until the kick off at Miami, we decided to use good old Madden to predict the outcome of this years Superbowl. We took out the annoying HOF free agents out of the rosters and we updated the latest rosters online and we then simulated the Superbowl just so we could get some idea of the outcome of the upcoming match, so onto the Superbowl.

The game starts with the Bears kicking to the Colts and straight away the Colts offence explodes, Manning and Addai both help the Colts get first blood thanks to a 5yd touchdown pass from Manning to Clark. After a couple of drives which lead to punts the Colts yet again get the ball moving at the beginning of the 2nd, luckily for the Bears cornerback Tillman manages to get a vital swat to force a 4th down Field Goal which Vinateri converts for 29 yards.

The Bears then make it all the way to the 50 only to find themselves punting once more. Luckily for them a muffed punt return by Colts returner Smith sees the Bears take the field on the Colts 20 yard line and a short drive ends in a 2 yd pass touchdown from Grossmann to Davis. The 1st half finishes with the Colts leading by 10 points to 7.

The Bears get the ball at the start of the 2nd half and start well, with some good runs by Jones and a couple of well thrown passes by Grossmann. Sadly the game is once again turned on its head when a badly thrown pass intended for Berrien is intercepted by June and the resulting drive by the Colts finishes with a 28 yard field goal by Vinateri to make it 13-7.

The following drive by the Bears sees Grossmann redeem himself with a huge 44 yard bomb to Muhammad which nicely sets the Bears up for a 2yd rushing touchdown by Benson. With the Bears taking the lead for the first time in the game the 3rd quarter finishes.

The 4th starts with the Colts yet again passing the ball the full length of the pitch with no reply from the Bears defence. Despite an Urlacher sack and forced fumble on Manning the Colts still manage to recover and take the ball all the way to the Bears 1 yard line where the nimble Addai caps the drive off with a 1 yd running touchdown (and a converted 2 pointer) which puts the Colts once again in the lead by 21 points to 14.

The Bears are quick to reply and manage to score again this time courtesy of a 7yd scramble by Grossmann who helps take the Bears into a 21-21 tie game. With only six minutes left the Colts once again start where they left of, a few good runs by Rhodes and Addai push the Colts offence slowly but surely towards the Bears end zone. Then on the Bears 12 yard line Manning throws a beautiful pass in the direction of Harrison who proceeds to rip it out of the air and score his first TD of the night, which once again re-instates the Colts lead.

With the score at 28-21 and only two minutes on the clock Grossmann throws two incompletes, its 3rd and 10 he picks out Berrien in the distance and throws, it floats through the air and Berrien turns, he sees the ball and INTERCEPTION. June once again comes up trumps for the Colts and pulls of a 63 yard interception return which finishes the game with the Colts WINNING the Superbowl with a score of 35 points to 21.

MVP of the match goes to Colts QB Manning who completed 30 passes from 40 throws for a total of 336 yards, two touchdowns and no Interceptions.

Of course we must once again stress this isn’t real, we are simply simulating the score to give you, the gamer a glimpse of what the result may just turn out to be.

Madden 07 Prediction: Colts 35 – Bears 21
Our Prediction: Bears 27 – Colts 10

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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