Lock up and load, Section 8 weapon details inbound

One of the games many of us in the Console Monster office are looking forward to is the release of Section 8. From publisher SouthPeak and developer TimeGate, the upcoming cross-platform first-person shooter is set to release in a few months time, but we’ve managed to obtain images and details of some of the game’s weapons.

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Assault Rifle
The Assault Rifle is standard issue to every USIF soldier. It is fitted with a MK2 Electro-magnetic jacketing system, and fires a 15mm case-less armour-piercing round. The MK2 EMJ system layers each round into a harmonically tuned electromagnetic frequency, allowing it to wear down shields faster and makes it particularly effective at tearing through the armour of enemy infantry.

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Machine Gun
The weapon, like every other firearm in the USIF armoury, is fitted with a MK2 Electro-magnetic jacketing system. With its large magazine and high rate of fire, the Machine Gun excels in multiple-threat engagements. It is not as suited for long range combat as the Assault Rifle, but its massive slug (18mm case-less armour-piercing round) and large ammo drum makes it a formidable weapon in any enemy encounter. Its slower reload rate can be overcome with proper use of cover.

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Missile Launcher
The Missile Launcher carries its ammunition inside a box magazine, and rather than firing a frag warhead each missile carries a shaped-charge HEAT round. Upon impact, it creates an explosion that creates a directional jet of superheated metal that burns through all known armours. Because the round is directional, the explosion generated by the round is minimized against shielded and armoured targets on foot, but the impact explosion is devastating.

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The Pistol is the newest evolution of the revolver and is preferred for its accuracy, quick rate of fire and effortless reloading. Its lower muzzle velocity makes it an ineffective weapon at extreme ranges, but large caliber slugs (.65 caliber round) more than make up for it with tremendous amounts of ballistic force. The Pistol has proven effective under fire and is an ideal backup weapon for combat deployment.

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This weapon delivers a powerful blast that is most effective in close-quarters battle and lethal at point-blank range. Although the weapon has a slower firing speed than most infantry weapons, it reloads faster than most due to its quick-loading charges. Designed to utilize the MK2 Electro-magnetic jacketing system, each 20-gauge slug (filled with titanium bearings) is coated in a harmonically tuned electromagnetic field, which wreaks havoc with military and civilian-class personal shielding.

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Sniper Rifle
This long-range rifle provides unparalleled accuracy and stopping power against distant targets. Utilizing a .85 caliber round the weapon is difficult to wield, but is devastating against shields and armour and carries a substantial effective range. Utilizing Kinetic Mass Drivers to propel the round and using an advanced optical technology (which interfaces directly to the soldier’s HUD), its extraordinary accuracy and armour-penetrating ability makes it an outstanding anti-infantry weapon.

We’ll be adding more images to the Section 8 Media Gallery in the near future. What do you like the look of? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

David Wriglesworth

David Wriglesworth is a Northern lad with a passion for gaming, who graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BA (Hons) Journalism degree. If you can drag him away from the consoles, you can probably find him Tweeting or watching Coronation Street.

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