Leaked Halo 3 Features, Weapons and Vehicles

Some l33t hax0rs (supposedly l33t hax0rs is what they like to be called?) have been ploughing through the endless streams of gaming code from the recently released Halo 3 beta, and today they managed to uncover some rather interesting titbits of information.

Most notably a little fragment of text was unearthed, which rest assured, looks set to blow you away. The text said the following; ‘The game cannot start because all players are set to observer. Too many players for splitscreen. Only 2 players may play splitscreen coop on the same Xbox 360 console. The party size is too large to start the game. Up to 4 players may play coop on Xbox Live or System Link. Loading information from Xbox Live…”

So it look’s like Halo 3 will support up to FOUR players in co-op campaign mode over Xbox Live. That in itself would be enough to put smiles on the entire Halo 3 fanbase, but wait there’s more.

Along with the above information came this list of weapons, vehicles, game modes and medals:

New equipment:

New vehicles:

New weapons:
Claymore Grenade

New game mode:
Infection (described as “Destroy the Flood or become infected. Score points for killing flood or big points for infecting a human. The player with the most points wins.” (Basically Zombies from Halo 2)

New ranking info:
The highest rankings are now Killpocalypse and Killionaire, instead of Double Kill and Triple Kill.

So there you have it, even though Bungie in a couple of weeks will cruelly shut down the Halo 3 BETA you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll soon be able to drive Choppers and Shadows, throw Jammers and Smokes and play Zombies once again.

Sadly I cannot end on that rather high note. For it seems that Bungie may have simply left the code as a red herring to trick the l33t hax0rs. That may seem a bit farfetched, but I’m sure a company such as Bungie, with Microsoft’s minions at their disposal, wouldn’t simply leave some random code revealing all of the above for the average hacker to stumble upon.

Until Bungie confirm anything I would take what you read with a pinch of salt. If it is true then it makes the wait for Halo 3 that little bit more unbearable.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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