Kinect details and launch titles

Microsoft kicked off the E3 conferences today with a closer look at the newly named Kinect for Xbox 360 along with some of the launch titles we can expect to see when it comes out later this year in North America.

As previously stated, the Kinect comes with three sensors, a multi-array mic and, as we can see from the image above that was shown during the conference, a motorized tilt that is used to follow the user wherever they go.

Using Kinect to navigate through your Xbox 360 dashboard is done by using wave motions with your hand. To sign in to your Xbox 360 you simply wave at the screen and your avatar comes to life. Wave again and you are taken to a screen where all your favourite applications are displayed and can be selected with similar wave motions. If you don’t want to wave there is also the option to use voice commands preceded by the word “Xbox”. For example, to start Zune you simply say “Xbox Zune”.

The video below was taken at the Xbox 360 conference and takes you through the basics of using Kinect.

The launch titles for the Kinect that were demonstrated on stage were:

  • Kinectimals – Allows the user to play and interact with a variety of different animals.
  • Kinect Sports – Includes boxing, bowling, football and track and more.
  • Kinect Joy Ride – A racing game that allows you to do stunts and drifts to get boosts in order to win.
  • Kinect Adventures – The user must jump, duck and move around to gather the collectables to earn gold medals.
  • Dance Central – A Microsoft and Harmonix collaboration at making a dance themed game similar to Guitar Hero.

Below are a selection of videos taken from the conference showing these demostrated games.


Kinect Joy Ride

Kinect Adventures

Dance Central

Part 1

Part 2

The other application that was demostrated was the ability to use the Kinect as a webcam but with some interesting features such as being able to watch a film together and interact with the features on your Xbox 360.

There is no word on the European release date yet but the North American release date is November 4th so we can expect to see it by the end of the year or early 2011. Another thing Microsoft has kept hidden is the price but we hope they will reveal this soon now that the core information has been revealed.

Do you like the look of the games Microsoft has for the launch of the Kinect? Are you going to being purchasing it? Or do you think this is the wrong step for Microsoft to take? Tell us what you think below!

Thanks to Gametrailers for the live feed of the conference and the videos above.


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