Killzone 2 Gameplay Footage

At the recent PlayStation Day – French site Jeux-France has recently got together 12 minutes of gameplay footage of Sony’s upcoming first-person shooter Killzone 2. Thanks to the nearby PR fella we can take some interesting tit-bits from the game:

  • You play part of Alpha Squad, second in command
  • Your mission is to arrest Emperor Visari (from previous titles)
  • The game will feature a twisty story of “survival and revenge”
  • 20 weapons in total
  • Some “cool original weapons”
  • There isn’t any secondary fire modes with the weapons
  • There will be a duck and cover button – (such as Gears of War)
  • Some vehicles in the game (though it doesn’t look like any will be playable)
  • Variety of environments, including different weather effects with unique gameplay
  • You will play alongside some large number of NPC groups down to just yourself and one other NPC. Although they will help you out, you will still have to take out your fair share of bad guys!
  • Some really big battles to experience in the game, not always corridor based shooting, there will be more open space environments in the game
  • You can’t shoot through “stuff”, but you can shoot through gaps (phew!)
  • A hud-less game – though there will be on-screen help and direction for new players to the genre
  • Some new and innovative ways of using the Sixaxis control system within the game
  • Some “original features” coming in Multiplayer, currently in testing, expect the usual deathmatch modes.

Let us know what you think to the above footage by leaving a comment below, or discuss in our forums. We are sure we will hear more from Killzone 2 as we creep slowly nearer its release of February, next year.

[Thanks to bingo83 for the heads up]


Anthony Barker

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