Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Multiplayer Details

Eidos Interactive unveiled today a sinister new twist to the online multiplayer experience in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men called “Fragile Alliance”.

Fragile Alliance is based on greed, betrayal and revenge, offering online gamers the choice of working as a team or back-stabbing their team mates and working for themselves at any moment. Up to eight players team up against police in a series of gripping heist scenarios, but from here the choice is entirely up to the individual player. The objective is to steal the loot and make it to the getaway point. The winner is the player who escapes with the most loot. How and when you make your move is up to you.

“We wanted to make a multiplayer experience using the theme, dynamics and atmosphere of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men” said Kim Krogh, Lead Game Designer, IO Interactive. “Fragile Alliance is a new way to use co-op in multiplayer. Play it like a soldier and you’ll lose, play it like a criminal and you’ll win”.

“Kane & Lynch multiplayer opens up Pandora’s gun cabinet in terms of gameplay possibilities,” said Fabien Rossini, Brand Controller, Eidos. “The options available to players are mouth-watering; are you a team player, a traitor, a bounty hunter, a cop – the decision is yours. You may start as part of a team but then it’s up to the player what they want to do.”

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a dark and gritty tale of two men bound by circumstance as they wait on death row for their final sentence. One is a flawed mercenary, the other a medicated psychopath. The two are forced to embark on a violent and chaotic journey, hating each other every step of the way.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men will be available in stores throughout Europe beginning Friday 23rd November on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Anthony Barker

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