JOYTECH today announced their product lineup of offically endorsed accessories for the Xbox 360. The list includes the usual controllers, faceplates and steering wheel but the most interesting  product has to be the audio-visual control center. These will be the first Microsoft-endorsed accessories for the 360.

“JOYTECH’s official Xbox 360 endorsement by Microsoft gives us a competitive edge,” said Lee Guinchard, President, JOYTECH North America. “We are excited to unveil a product line that will allow gamers to immerse themselves in this revolutionary new console. We’ve put our years of expertise designing award-winning, market-leading products into these new and exciting peripherals.

 Neo Se Controller:

JOYTECH’s Neo Se Controller offers style, comfort and unmatched feel, plus instant access to movies, music and games on Xbox 360 via the back-lit Xbox Guide button. Ergonomically designed left and right shoulder buttons give an unprecedented level of control, while high-intensity dual-vibration feedback, two analog pressure point triggers and an eight way directional pad provide an incredibly realistic gaming experience. The controller also features an expansion port and a ten-foot break-away controller cable. MSRP is $29.99.

Nitro Racing Wheel:

This aggressively styled wheel provides a driving experience guaranteed to maximize and intensify popular racing games. A full rubber wheel head provides a secure, comfortable grip and precise steering. Additionally, four wheel-mounted paddles, sequential stick-shift, high-intensity dual-vibration feedback and four preset steering sensitivity modes allow gamers to customize the experience to suit their personal taste. The wheel is Xbox Live online game service compatible and includes a back-lit Xbox Guide button for instant access to digital music, game and movie libraries. MSRP is $79.99.

Control Center:

The first Microsoft-endorsed audio-visual control center for Xbox 360, JOYTECH’s high tech control center allows users to organize and customize their gaming experience. A high-quality removable faceplate provides the option of customization, while a backlit LCD screen shows the name of each input channel for simple navigation on the programmable display. The control center’s LCD characters rotate automatically, allowing the center to be used horizontally or vertically.

The system also includes electronic switching and remote control, connections for HDTV ready component video, S-Video and composite AV, four digital optical inputs for digital sound and a removable faceplate. For reliable Internet connection, the center features a built-in five port 10/100 Ethernet switch. In addition, advanced signal technology regulates the output channel and automatically compensates for weak signals. MSRP is $99.99.


Interchangeable faceplates for customization of the Xbox 360 and the JOYTECH Control Center make it easy and fun to change the look of the console. With several designs to choose from, gamers can tailor their setup to match their personality, mood and unique sense of style, creating a one-of-a-kind entertainment center. The faceplates are created for easy switching and allow gamers to maintain full functionality of Xbox 360 and JOYTECH’s Control Center. MSRP is from $9.99 for the single pack and from $14.99 for the double pack.”

 Product Availability:

JOYTECH’s licensed products for the Xbox 360 are scheduled to be released in North America and Europe this November.

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