…In stickers that is

We cannot imagine ourselves (and our readers) who have just purchased our clean, white and pure Xbox360’s to then plaster stickers all over our precious week old boxes. It just isn’t right; it’s kind of like buying some brand new trainers (sneakers to our US readers) and in its first days, taking real care not to get them dirty.

So we were surprised to see pictures taken of J Allard’s very own customized 360 (apprently a work in progress). Cheeky chaps over a Engadget managed to take a few snaps while at Xbox HQ. Here is what they saw sitting in his office…



We assume J has overcome his ‘white trainers’ period of owning his 360 and is fully letting the customization of Xbox360 leak out into its outer shell via the aid of branded stickers, these seem to range from skate stickers to even Hello Kitty. There are definitely enough brands here to make all three major 360 territories happy, it can’t be a publicity stunt can it? Surely not…

So why stop at fancy face plates for your 360? J seems to be setting a new trend when it comes to customizing your box, will you fallow suit? It’s definitely a cheaper option, all but a bit more of a permanent one. A word of caution to anyone that would want to do the same, you wouldn’t want to cover up the many ventilation holes that are dotted around the case as they are there for a purpose as some owners (and lawyers) are finding out.

Real or fake, this has made 360Monster have an idea. In the future we plan on taking a look at how people have customized there own Xbox360, have you decided to make it your own or have you taken the minimalist approach, only time will tell once we have all pasted the precious stages of owning our pure white gems.

Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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