How Much Would You Spend on a Elephanilla ?

I know it’s the question many of us ask, just how much would it cost you to get five Elephanillia on Viva Pinata? Well according to this eBay listing $14.99 is how much it would cost, not only that you can also get five fourheads and a Pigxie Pinata for that same price.

If you don’t believe us why not read this description from one of the listings, “This auction is for the service of catching and breeding of a rare Pigxie Pinata in the xbox 360 game Viva Pinata. The actual Pigxie is intellectual property of Rare, and is not what is being sold. You are paying for the service. Upon reciept of payment, I will send to your xbox live account a Pigxie Pinata. They are tough to get, you have to cross breed a Rashberry and a Swanana plus meet some hidden requirements to get it. Pigxies will also unlock a sour, once it is eaten. The Sour Mallowolf will turn into a Mallowolf once it eats your pigxie, giving you a way to scare off ruffians plus gives you an achievement! A very handy pinata, but has very difficult requirements to get. Once payment is recieved, please send me your Xbox Live gamertag and the pinatas will be on their way shortly. Thanks and happy bidding!

So when your parents ask you if you want a bike or a new game simply say, ’no mum, I want a Pigxie Pinata from Father Christmas this year’.

If this kind of thing interests you why not take a look at the Pigxie Pinata eBay listing HERE.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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