Halo franchise success ahead of Halo 4

“All for one, and one for all…”

As you know, Halo 4 launches next week, but ahead of that launch Microsoft have released some figures for the Halo franchise as a whole.

Since Halo: Combat Evolved was released in 2001, the series has sold a whopping 46 million copies (to date), resulting in $3bn being generated, while Halo: Reach attracted an impressive $200million during its launch week.

“Halo is a $3 billion blockbuster franchise which has shaped entertainment history and defined a generation of gamers,” said Microsoft’s vice president for interactive entertainment business Chris Lewis.

“From the world’s first ever red-carpet premieres for a video game to sending a man strapped to a jet-pack 50-foot above London’s iconic skyline, Halo launches have continually broken the mould and we are back with a colossal bang for Halo 4.”

Impressive stuff. This got me thinking though, what memories do you have of the Halo franchise? My favourite game to date was Halo 2. It was one of the first proper-amazing-addictive-yet-frustrating-at-times online games available for the Xbox. It also contained what I like to call ‘real’ ranked playlists, something I think is missing from the games of today, and true camaraderie between teams, Halo 2 was brilliant.

More of the same in Halo 4 please.

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