Halo “Blue” the new Halo game?

Halo "Blue" the new Halo game?

Today’s Microsoft E3 press conference could be about to get a little bit more exciting, if what we hear is right. Joystiq have discovered, on the Wal Mart intranet, a mysterious game by Microsoft by the name of Halo Blue. It claims to be going on store shelves on the 30th September. The 30th is a Tuesday, the normal release day for games in America, so this entirely plausible. However, we are so close to release date yet nothing has been revealed yet, which leads to speculation.

There are rumours going round of a new Halo game in development without Master Chief in it. Sources say that the game is a tactical shooter, described as “a cross between Ghost Recon and Gears of War.” It is also said to be more violent than previous Halo games. In the game, you lead a squad of marines and give them orders, as wit ha normal tactical shooter.

Whether Halo Blue and this mysterious game are one and the same is yet to be announced. Hopefully today’s Microsoft conference will shed some light on it all.