Halo 3: Mythic Map Pack DLC Review

We all love downloadable content. You love it, I love it and Bungie knows it. That’s why they have released their 3rd piece of downloadable content (excluding the free map Cold Storage) named the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack. To get early access to the map pack you need to purchase the Halo Wars Limited Edition game, or be lucky enough to know someone who can give you a code, like me. Otherwise you will have to wait until it’s released to the general public for 800MS Points later on through the Xbox LIVE marketplace.

The Mythic Map Pack contains 3 brand new maps, catering for every Halo fans needs. I’ll be giving you an insight into what to expect when you buy the DLC upon its release, which you will!


The first map i’m going to look at is Assembly. Assembly is a symmetrical shaped covenant map made for medium sized team games like Slayer and Oddball. It feels a lot like Midship from Halo 2, with it’s purple surroundings and enclosed areas below. A central hub occupies the ship and this is where most of the battles will be won and lost. There are 4 walkways entering the hub which can be accessed from 2 levels, each having their advantages and disadvantages. Being on the top tier allows you to bombard your opponents below with an onslaught of bullets and grenades. You are however exposed in this location, as being on top there is very little cover and you are left wide open. Alternatively you can crouch around the map on the bottom floor where it’s harder to be spotted. There are plenty of walls to hide behind and this allows you to ambush your opponents who are above. If you are spotted though it is best to run away, otherwise you will, and I mean will, die with all the grenades flying around.

Monster Tips: Use the top tier to your advantage, but if being ambushed from below, run and get into cover asap. Use your grenades that you have and get access to the BR at every opportunity.

Monster Map Score – 95%


The 2nd map I am giving you an insight to is the very tight and close quarters battle map – Orbital. Orbital is some sort of moon base and feels very similar to parts of the campaign modes. There are plenty of different levels and corridors for players to run around in and it is perfect for different slayer and objective variants. The melee action is your friend here as you will often be fighting in narrow corridors. There are also areas to snipe in this map, however, only if you are far enough away. The preferred weapons of choice to kick ass here are the BR Mauler combo.

Monster Tips – Get a Mauler! Get a BR! Stay close to the walls so that it is harder for your enemies to spot and shoot you!

Monster Map Score – 90%


The 3rd and final map available to you will appeal massively to fans of the Forge feature. Sandbox is huge in terms of what you can do with it. It’s not Avalanche size, but Forge fans will be in heaven here. The map is wide open and there are very little places to use as cover. This map is perfect for all game types, especially Capture the Flag. The map is again symmetrical but on a much larger scale. BR is a must here, as well as picking up the very handy bubble shields, the one overshield positioned in the middle of the map and the regenerators situated all over the map. Another tip is to move in packs otherwise there’s a strong possibility you will be over-powered by your opponents. Try using the vehicles on Sandbox as a quick means of transport between bases. Doing so will become very helpful when playing Capture the Flag.

For me, the map is a bit to open, but that is because Bungie are leaving space for the Forge users. Although i’m not a Forge user, Forge users will be very happy here.

Monster Tips:Use the maps power-ups to your advantage. BR from a distance and use the vehicles as transport!

Monster Map Score
– 89%

Mythic Map Pack Achievements!

As with a lot of DLC these days there are new achievements to collect. The same is with the Mythic Map Pack. There are a variety of different achievements to collect ranging from finding hidden skulls that located around the map, which I have been looking for but can’t seem to find anything so far, to other achievements like gaining a killing spree using the hammer on Assembley or killing 2 enemies from the grave on Orbital.

Monster Overall Tip: This is a must have for all Halo fans!

Monster Overall Score: 92%


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