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Every so often individuals are called upon to rise above themselves and act in a selfless manner – to help, to protect, to defend those in need. We call these people, who rise up in the face of great adversity, heroes. One such individual’s story is about to be told worldwide. On Sept. 25, “Halo 3’s” epic hero Master Chief will rise once again – he’ll face seemingly insurmountable odds with the entire fate of the galaxy riding on his shoulders.

In memory of this hero, and helping build to what promises to be the largest entertainment launch in history on Sept. 25, a series of dramatic and evocative communications elements, created by McCann San Francisco, T.A.G., AKQA, and Microsoft Global Marketing will offer a stirring look at the “Halo” universe and Master Chief.

More Halo 3 Shots Inside Our Media Area

The first of the films, entitled “Museum”, premieres today on www.xbox.com and provides consumers everywhere with a reason to “Believe” in the amazing stories and action within the Halo experience, bringing the epic battles to life in the style of a museum “diorama.”

Certain to catch the imagination of audiences around the globe, the ads are unlike any video game advertising ever created, and offer a powerful look at the world of “Halo”. Uniquely, the campaign experience does not focus on “Halo 3’s” graphics or gameplay, but instead looks at the themes that lie at the heart of the tale that spans the entire “Halo” trilogy: duty, sacrifice, and most importantly, heroism.

Through the eyes of celebrated Hollywood creature designer Stan Winston, known for his landmark work on Aliens and Jurassic Park;, as well as New Deal Studios, model creators for Spiderman 3, 300 and Superman Returns, and acclaimed director Rupert Sanders, people will experience a dramatic and moving look at mankind’s struggle against our future enemy, the fierce warrior force known as the Covenant.

The central element that much of the integrated marketing campaign centers on is a painstakingly accurate replication of a key moment from a climactic battle set in the “Halo” universe. At over 1200 square feet, reaching a height over 12 feet above the ground and with each handcrafted human and Covenant figure standing eight to twelve inches high, the diorama was large enough to fill an entire studio.

Filming the Experience

Shooting the campaign took several days as the individual soldier’s stories were told, and as the camera spanned the landscape, finally resting on the mountain top where Master Chief appears to have been conquered by the Covenant enemy…or so it would seem. Viewers quickly realize that there is much more of the story that’s yet to be told – and the game will tell all.

The story of the diorama and the battle that day has been told through films that will be shown in 27 countries around the world on television, in cinema and on the web. But the Halo 3 experience is much larger than that, with future testimonial films depicting soldiers’ third-party accounts of their experience in the battles, and with the hero that is Master Chief.”

View today’s video and more over on Xbox.com, where you’ll also see a nice little plug for our site on that very page, which is nice! More videos are planned for the 25th so stay tuned for more information on that as and when we have it.


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